Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day with Nail Art!!!

Hello Amigos!!!Sun is shining hot,spend last hot summer weekend in a perfect way!!!Grilling with friends,enjoyed the breeze over the shore,tasted tasty tsaty grilled food..This is what i call Summer Funnnnn..After having joyful sunday it's hard to think of monday but can't help..So made the boring monday in to some fun with all my crafts together i say it was a crafty monday.Playing with beads,painting nails,quilling,painting made boring monday some thing interesting myself..Spend lots n lots of time in dressing my nails!!!Bored up with the flower leaf nail arts so wanna try some thing modish,so just coated dark brown base coat and made some streaks that's it.So those who think nail art is so boring,tough here is perfect example for such queen bees..Nail art is very simple with the nailart brushes needs a little interest n time..Output will be a beautifull,unique and splendid nails :)
So take a look at my super simple nail art and start painting ur nails toooo...

So what do u think???

One More to goooooooooooo something fun and exciting i am gonna announce in my very next post so Amigos stay tuned never ever miss the chance i say :)

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Festoon quilling Frames

After having a longish break from blogging here i am!!!Veritably i was busy in doing nothing,enjoying the fiery summer in the windy city.Tought of posting some thing crafty,that is reason for a long long holiday from blogging..Hanged out some frames in my living room and gave a personal touch by bringing all my vacation pics in to the frames!!!Black frames on a white wash walls are really comely thing to see,but wanna add some uinque make over to my snowy white walls with the balck frames :) leaf through google for ideas to make my frames more elegant haven't impressed with any idea wanna try something diff,don't want to puzzle on my elegant black frames..So wanna check what i did to my frames,k gaze at my pictures down!!!

What do u think???Aren't they really emblishing for my white walls??

Take a look at my tiny teeny splashy bug :)

Ultimate shot along with my ebon frames and my splashy art together!!!!
Sorry for sticking the papers,don't wanna share personal pics on blog but still wanna share the total frame with u guys!!!

Last but not least as i imply before there is something amazing gonna share in my next few posts!!!So Amigos stay tuned don't take a chance to miss...Check out the latest collection at IMC.