Friday, August 24, 2012

Gratify ur Guests

Howdydo Amigos!!!These days i have been busy in devout :)Finally got some break from the routine grind,so here i am..I am not gonna post any craft,nailart,cooking,pictures 2day,but it's gonna be interesting :) Do u listen grouse from family members,that u plan very err when some guests have come in???Do u spend most of the time in the kitchen and regret that u haven't spent good quality time with ur loved guests??Even i hear the same,i love to cook when my best loved friends,guests come in.I plan to cook all combos from my kitchen and endup in spending most time in cook's room.Finally listed out some tips for getting done in the kitchen and bag the time for my guests who come in.Here i wanna share the tips with all the sous chef,who are like me :)As i cook Indian dishes the most so i have cook up the tips only for these Delicious cusine..

If ur guests are coming in for one day,plan what ur gonna cook for the day :)
  • Cut all ur veggies,onions and pack all the ingredients together in a ziplock and writs down the names what ur using for and store in the fridze.when ur ready to cook take them out and drop in the hot oils.
Note: Never cut tomatoes and store with rest of veegies,it become a bit messy i recomend to put in a seperate bag or cut it fresh.
  • If u use tomato puree for ur cooking,home made puree is always the best than store make the puree and store it in a airtight container and keep in the fridze.
  • Grind all the masala,powders,ginger garlic paste a head before.
  • For snack time,we plan for a tiresome deepfried snacks..Never do that plan for a simple one prepare it before day and just keep all them together for a tasty snacks..Items which comes in my mind to make a example are Panipuri, Wraps , Sundal, Eggs
  • Coming to the breakfasts prepare the batter before..We always love to cook something spl for our guests for that we prepare 2 items..But what i suggest make ur one item breakfast so spl..Like for dosa make some masala before and serve masala dosa..If for idly make Tadka idly (these are just the examples)
 Guests are coming for a couple of days to stay,there should be lots of preparations not only in the kitchen,in every bit of the house..These small things allows u to spend more time with them

  • Clean n wash all the towels and arrange them in the guest room.
  • Arrange all the soaps,bodywash,lotions,shampoos,combs in the Bathroom
  • Line up all the comforters,sheets in the Bedroom.
Coming to the kitchen
  •  2days a head prepare for some snacks which can be stored for fewdays..That would be very easy and helpful for the snacktime..
  • If they have sweet tooth prepare some deserts which can be stored for couple of days like rasagulla,rasmalai tastes better for the next day..
  • Grind all the masala,powders,ginger garlic paste a head before.
  • Cut all the veegies and place in the freezer..Cut the onions n tomatos fresh which would give a fresh taste to ur curries..
  • Breakfast store some instant breakfasts like cereal,bread n butter,maggi.If u very helpful for the quick breakfast.
  • If ur preapring rasam r sambar prepare them in large batch because they tastes best for later also.
  • Sometime we fail in measuring the rice and we endup in having lots of left over rice many hesitate to serve leftover rice,no problem turn the leftover in to yummyy fried rice,lemonrice,tomato rice...See the magic ur leftover would be finished first.
  • Store eggs for sure they are time savers for the tiresome days..
So these are my tips dripped from my itty-bitty cooks brain..If u have any added tips plzzz let me know :)Wanna post all my yummyyyy pictures,don't know wat's wrong with my server not allowing me to post any pictures.Anyways don't skip to read the tips ;) I wonder this is my frist ever post with out a single picture..

Love to see u back in comments!!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Wish every one over there a very Happy Independence Day :) This day is packed with lots n lots of childhood memories..Flag hosting,cultural programs,new dresses used to have a gr8 time in school life..This day is filled with all the three colours in India!!So wanna spalsh IMC with the colors..So wishing u all guys with my little creativity post card ;)

So what do u think???Do u have some memories like me to cherish..Do share with ur kids about this lovely day and make them know what did they miss ;)

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

BrownRice Egg Fried rice

I can't belive this is my 2nd post in august,this shows me how lazy i am :( Gonna bustle over the posts..Enjoying monsoon weather thank god sun is hiding under the clouds,but the foresee of winter is trembling me up..Dark eve,white roads,devil trees ufff don't like to even imagine anyways for now gonna enjoy these monsoon!!!Who doesn't like to eat hot hot stuff in a monsoon evening..Cut Mirchi,Onion pokra,Pavbhaji,Biryani etc etc give a dot all ur imaginations plzz ;)For this monsoon eve i am gonna share some thing healthy n tasty fried rice :)Yes Friedrice with brownrice!!!I don't say that it tastes as good as regular one but still it's a best option for the healthy freaks..Texture of this brownrice looks awesome,u will be allure to grab a spoon of this rice..Use as many vegetables as u can this is the good n best way of consuming all veggies.Coming to the recipe now

Things Needed :

1 cup cooked basmati brownrice
1/4 cup carrots
1/4 cup beans
1/4 cup broccoli
1/4 cup mushroom
1/4 cup cabbage
1 Onion
1/4 cup spring onion
1/2 tbsp Soya suace
1 tbsp Chilli garlic suace (adjust acc to ur taste)
3 tbsp Sesame/peanut oil
Green chilli
Ginger 1inch (chop it finely)
Garlic 4pods (chop it finely)
!/2 tbsp vinegar
2 Egg
1/2 tbsp pepper pwd
Curry leaves
Pinch of sugar
Salt to taste

Method :

  • Cook the brownrice with some oil and salt and let the brown rice get cooled
  • Pour oil in a wok and add the finely choped giner n garlic,when it leaves nice aroma add curry leaves and green chilli suate for a min
  • Add sliced onions and cook them till they turn pink and add all the vegetables
  • Suate all of them in a high flame for few min and reduce the flame and place a lid n let them cook
  • Add the beaten eggs and let them cook
  • Now add soya suace,chilli garlic suace,pepper powder,sugar n salt
  • Add the cooked rice and increase the flame and suate rice with the vegetables
  • Finish it off with vinegar
  • Garnish with spring onion.
Here is my Delicious Brownrice Egg Fried rice

Here is my tit-bit garnish for this

So what do u sayy??Isn't that a cooll idea sry a hot idea for the chilly monsoon dinners :)

Love to see u back in comments!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

IMC GiveAway Winner

Wanna know whoz the lucky chum??Taking this as lucky chance thanking all my blog reviewers and followers :)Thanks a ton to all my non-blogger amigos who flip through my space,it means a lottttt for me.Reason for adjourn for announcing the winner decided to drum out on a spl day,what can me more spl than Raksha Bandan for the sweet sisters who have loving borthers.So whoz the sweet sister catching up alluring pendant n earrings..Appreciate all the amigos who has taken part in this give away..

For picking up the champ i haven't taken any help of technology,just grabbed a paper and wrote down all the names and picked the lucky gal..Excuse me for not posting the pics,my sys has crashed down so lost all the pictures,bare with me.K K coming to the speck so the winnerrrrrrrrrrr isssssssssssssssss
"Madhu Aitha" congrates buddy plz email me ur address to

Welcome to the new followers,u will def enjoy following this splendid space.Thanks each n everyperson who have taken part :)

Last excited thing,new friend has come home..check it out wanna name my amigo..So plz suggest names for my new red buddy :)This was given by one of my dear friend,while moving out from the city she left these tiny buddy for me!!!

Here is the home for my red buddy!!!!!

K Will be waiting for the suggested names for my tiny red buddy :)

Love to see u back in comments..