Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Capsicum Masala Rice

Howdy everybody over there?? I can't believe we are in November 2013, come on its like only 2 months to welcome a New Year!!! This month is like swan song for all the lovely colors around the trees and bushes for the year.. Now all u can expect is gusty winds and pearly snow *sigh* Am I sounding like depressed, no not at all.. Now I am going to spill all my November joys here and make this post splashy :) In a swirl have reached to new home with lots of joy and bliss. Had a hushed gala at home for my husband birthday!!! Goanna share that pics soon.
Let's talk about Dish of Day!! Capsicum Masala Rice, this a must try rice recipe specially in these nippy weather.. I got this recipe from Sailus Food, there are bunch of recipes there. One day I have got e-book from Sailus and this recipe flipped out of my mind and told my self I am going to try this recipe for sure :) I am glad I tried this one!!! Look at this steamy, yummy and flavor rice.. For recipe hop on to the link stare at my yummy rice ;)
Note : I have added turmeric to recipe so my rice color is different from original one :)
Spill ur steamy and yummy comments!!!!