Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy SriRama Navami

Day 1 of April has become a Auspicious day..This is my favvvvvvvvvv month it's like a festival month for me,most inportant days of my life falls in this month only..Friends wish god should shower all the blessings to u n ur family..Wishing u Happy Rama Navami,remembering panakam n vadapappu in temples used to have lots of fun in my childhood..Temple panakam is the best i have ever tasted!!!Wish u all also have some memories of ur childhood like me...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Splashy Streaks NailArt

Flowers are blooming in thousands over the white walls,pale n dull atmosphere has been washed out with the lovely sweet smell blooms!!!Wanna stay in Spring throught out the year :) I wonder nature has so many hidden beautiful things which can't be expressed..Oops this season has made me a poet too...So added some splashy streaks on my nails for this wonderful season.Want to fly like a bird to see these natural beauty so booked a flight to fly thru these here is my splashy streaks Nailart for the Spring vacation u know in vacation we carry diff shades of clothes so brushed thru every colour so it matches perfectly thru out my trip..Amigos grab the polish n make ur nails springyyyyy!!!!

Aren't these bangles perfect for my Nails...

Final Click

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Clicks

Spring is in Air!!!Blossoms in my residents are awe-inspiring,so bum around with my lovely Amigo(Camera) i couldn't stop clicking these natural beauties..This was my best click till date u will agree with  me after having a look at this pics...No more words just pics for this Fantastic Friday!!!

Look at the Pink Blooms my godddd they are just awesome!!!!!

Detail click about this beauty

Natural combinations are really inspiring Yellow in Green........

Ready to Bloom.........

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buttermilk Berries

Name of the post sounds something different,i know my reaction was same when i saw the recipe got this recipe from Martha..We can many array of berries in the market,most of the them fav berry is strawberry i know apart from that Blue n Black Berry has many health benefits..They are rich in Anti Oxidants,reduces belly fat,preserves vision,brain helath fiber helps in keeping away heart disease,constipation,cancer..I know if u are eating these berries for the first time it's hardy to eat it.

So prefer cakes,muffins any baked items made with berries n use berries for ur icecream toppins this is the most delicious way to eat berries!!!If u are health freak do try this recipe u will def love this super simple Berries Buttermilk desert...

Things needed

Buttermilk   1cup
Honey          3tbsp(adjust accr to ur taste)
Ice               1/2 cup

Add buttermilk,honey,ice in to a blender and whip it
If u like u can add few leaves of mint to it and whip once again..
Pour the buttermilk in a bowl and add the berries avaliable..(I have only balckberry avaliable)

So here is my Buttermilk Berrries

Garnish it with mint leaves

Enjoy the spoon of creamy buttermilk berries i am lovinggggggg it...

If u are disfavor for diary product enjoy the berries with a spoon of honey u will shout it's yummyyyy

Finally got some exciting news won a give away from Rachel recived colourful twinery super excited for winning this!!!Thanks a ton Rachel..wanna take a look

Don't ask what are u going to do,planning something creative stay tuned for the outputs...

So make the Helathy Berry Desert and stay healthy n don't forget to leave a line... :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Private window

Warm Sunlight,Green Grass,Birds Tweedle,Trees Blossoms Spring is coming in thru..Had Quality time with family by taking a short break from blogging!!!!Want a Private window in my living room from people not for sunlight,i know drapes are the first solution comes in our mind but wanna try something very simple n easy solution..Have seen for a window film both plain n designed,which is one of the best solution but felt it is very expensive solution for my apartment window..So want some thing like window films inexpensive solution...Got a waxpaper roll for kitchen purpose

Some idea flashed my mind that it looks similar to a film window..So tried it over my living room window so it came out very well..Secured this waxpaper with cellotape to my window so this White Kitchen Flimsy have been gr8 for living room too...

Look at my window where sunlight coming thru and blocked from peeping thru..Try this inexpensive solution for ur windows and let the light pass through ur private window!!!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple Tinsel

A Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away how many of u belive in this phrase??I like to nip crunchy,juicy red apples..Usually many of us love to bite the apple with out cutting it,but i love to slit the apple in to slices and garnish them in the platter!!!Texture itself are gr8 for emblishment snowwhite pulp with the red skin..By the time u carve them it fades,so after slicing place them in saltwater so the white color retains(I forgot to do that)..So sorry for the color of my apples apart from that these slices lookss so yummyyyy,u will agree with me after espy of my pictures!!!
Tried for the leaves sucessfully got the ruby red leaves it's like spring for my plate..

 Added some sunny yellow slices below this Savor Apple Leaves!!!

No time for these carvings here are some super simple slices u will def bust in love with these pieces!!!Take a large slice and with a small knife crave the slices...

Again chop in to thin slices and place on the chopping board and make a zigzag cut thru the edges..

These zigzag can be broken made some slice with out redpeel..

So finallyy all beauties on one dome added some balckberry !!!

So what do u think of these relishing red fruit carving,if u have green apples try the same or combine both the colours and present a splashy,tasty n healthy fruit!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Give Away time 4 Anu

In this post i am going to share about a splendid,creative blog..My Dream Canvas!!!Hop on to this lovely blog and experince the unique gifts n items over there...Anu has a lovely n classic collections!!!Here i am sharing few of my favouraite items in her shop..
Loved the idea of kalamkari pouches they are awesomeeeee looks at the differnt colour pouches and pour ur heart in to the purse :)

These classy diya are really gorgeous

Look at the elephants near the window they are like a blend of classy n contemporary style...

So finallyyyy time to show the give away gift from Anu...

I know u have fallen in love with these Dreamcanvas these are just a bit of Anu's shop hop on to the blog and shop shop!!!!So Amigos who want to miss such a lovely give away take the chance and make ur entries for this give away...

Don't forget to wish me luck!!!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Paper flowers

I always try hard to organize mails,have seen many options want a simple n inexpensive way with a special thing :)So thought of a shoe box lying over worked out very well but some thing is missing..So emblished with flowers,but don't want to spend more so tought of a paper flowers!!Gone thru many ideas and finally shaped out the flowers this way...This craft is gr8 for kids,can fix these flowers on any box,basket any where..
Just cut the paper in to long strips and rolled it and arranged them in the flower pattern..After rolling if u feel its too thick cut the round in to half and make the flowers

Tried a different pattern apart from this rolled flowers just cut thin fringe along one edge of the paper strip and fold in backway..

Choose different colour magazine paper and make this is the final shot of my homemade Mail organizing box!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cherry Blossom Nails

I Guess that Spring is rebounding Trees r blooming,Courts r  bouncing with balls and Blue skies,had a walk in this lovely breeze..Why the whole year is not Spring ;) Waiting for the pink,white blooms so painted some cherry blossoms on my nails!!!These blosssoms are not only beautiful on trees they are more beautiful on my nails :)Have a look at my blossom nails...

Aren't they elegant with the background of my chinese lanters

Final shot :)

So get ready for the spring not only around ur home let it bloom on nails!!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fruit Creel

This Weekend flew away like a wee!!!It's a tradition that when we are invited we take along some fruits,sweets or candy to the guest house..Every time i look for a elegant packings to carry with lovely giftpack,splashy bows packed  with relishing items :) Packed some fruits for a babyshower wanna personalize my relishing fruit bouquet..There were some milkcan caps lying over added some sparkling arts to that wanna see that

But i told it sparkling look at the Splashy tiny toes n fingers with the help of sharpie markers u can paint with the brush alsooo

Filled the basket with paper scraps,selected different colour fruits...Arranged them randomly in my fruit basket!!!

Wrapped in clear plastic bags and secured with a bow :)

But these bag looks so plain printed some these tiny toes on this bags aren't they reallyy cutee for the precious mom :)

So finally look at the gorgeous basket with the little tiny toes n fingers!!!

U can add some cards,put some candies any kind and make the normal fruit plasticbag in to elegant creels like this!!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue-Green Malibu

Hello Amigos in this post gonna share a beautiful place Malibu!!!If u r leaving near to LA never ever miss a chance to visit this natures beauty..We have visited Balaji temple in Malibu and drive way in bosky mountains,blue skys,misty clouds was astounde.Every corner of this little town is Green..
Look at the Almighty isn't that so angelic

Look at the house in between blue n green perfect for a vactaion house with a beach view..

Never got excited by watching a beach like this,it was like a private beach for us..Gr8 location for a romantic walks!!!Rocky Blue Beach i.e.. El-Matador-Beach..

This is the reason why i called it rocky beach the small caves,huge rocks are reallyy amazing

Look at the shades of blue :)

Only complaint about this beach it is untidy,remeber i told its gr8 for walks ;) Enjoyed the lovely pics

Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's Day n Holi

All the Beautiful womens over there Happy Womens Day!!!!Women play lot of roles Spread love to the family as Mrs of the house,Care parents as a Daughter,Works hard at job,Shares the joy with Sibilings :) I know men also plays all the roles but women love is always eternal!!Proud to be a Women...For all the queen bees here is the lovely card for u

Totally missing the colourful day filled in each corner of the streets... wishing u Happy Holi  Amigos :) Here is the scatterd shades of light in perfect tought it would be perfect for postcard of Holi!!!

Come on girls spread the colours of love and make this earth more beautiful with our presence!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chicken Lecttuce Wraps

Remember my fete here i have prepared these healthy appetizer,i just love to eat chicken but wanna try always with less oil n healthy.These wraps are first popular in Asian cuisines,when i first tasted it was like wow!!!Tasty chicken filling in cripsy lecttuce combo will be divine..If some guests are coming in try this wraps for sure super simple to make and perfect combination of taste and flavour.I have walkaway my hus heart by preparing this relishing dish,i guess u are also ready to steal the hearts of ur loved one..Kids will def enjoy this tasty starters..I have cut the lecttuce in to bite size here..

Ingredients :

Ground Chicken 1lb(If ground is not avaliable cut the boneless chicken in to small pieces)
Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 5 pods
Spring onions
Green chilli 2 (cut on to small pieces) It's purely oprional if u want to spice the wraps u can add the chilli
Hoisin suace 2tsp
Soya suace 1tsp
Roasted peanuts


  • Add 1 to 2 tbsp oil(use lighter oil) in a wok when its hot put some green chilli then add washed ground chicken and toss it for a min
  • Cut the ginger n garlic in to small pieces and add to the chicken
  • Cut the mushrooms and add to the wok
  • Place a lid and let it cook it takes around 7 to 10 min(put the flame in medium)
  • Add Hoisin suace and toss for a min and add some salt
  • Add soya suace and finish it off with spring onions and roasted peanuts..
For Wraps select the fresh lettuce and cut them in to desired size and place it in a ice cold water..

Finally here is the close shot of my bite size wraps :)

U can add chestnut and red bell peper which enhances the taste more as i am running out of that didn't use in the recipe..

This is my style of wraps this can be done with shrimp,beef,turkey or  vegetables by using tofu instead of chicken..U can do it in Desi style with garammasla,try n experiment acc to ur taste buds and wrap them in cool lecttuce and enjoy the relishing wraps.....