Friday, September 28, 2012

Quilled Babyshower fruitBasket

Amigos again saying Hai to a cheerfull n lovely friday.Preparing for friday party isn't more exciting!!!Becoming Mom would be the most happiest thing in world for a women :) So gonna be a part of such a special occasion!!For such a special moments wanna gift something special made from my hand.Dipped into many webpages for inspiring handmade gift ideas,finally decided try something new in my way..Tried to make a ordinary fruit basket in to something grody.Dusted off my quilling tool and quilled wishes to the new mom n dad!!To give a Carriage look cut out my card stock and striped to my wire basket..Emblished my carstock with all my craft tools..Add butterfly cheers,sketched baby feet and finally tried max to make my fruit creel so beautifull n special and i think i have achived finally..So here is the glimpse of my lovely fruit basket..

Frontage shot of my basket,quiiled congratulations hope it is showing neat :) Did u look at my cutie butterflies aren't they really cheerfull!!

Here are 2 shots of the cutie feet,they brings life to my little creation.What do u say??

Some more Splashy cuties

Traditional way of sending best wishes with fruits n flowers..

Final shot now,ready for the bbyee Have a Happy weekend!!!

Adios Love to see u back in comments :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday + GiveAway

Friday cheersssss!!!!I will be waiting for the whole week,just very happy to relax..I know many of u also have same toughts about Friday evenings :)Will be seeking for any new release movies!!So Amigos Have a Happy Happy Friday and enjoy ur weekend..Coming to the giveaway from Craftsia..U def have to check this Cratsia,worth visiting the site..So linking back to Coloursdekor and crossing my fingers :) Patty is always unique in finding such a lovely craft shops..

So my fav 3 items are

My heart got hooked to this Keychain ;)

U know how much i love these jewerlyyy!!!So here is my pick

Look at this cute couple aren't they like Made for Each other :)

So guys hop on to the site and pick ur fav ones and win ur chances,it is open for non-bloggers too just check out the link and comments on patty blog with ur fav picks :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi :)

Wish u all Little Ganesha should bring all the Hapiness n joy to ur home :)

Love to see ur Wishes n Blessings back in comments :)

CrackedWheat Jaggery Pongal

Yipeeeeeeeeeeee i am super excited to shout loud that IMC have 51 followers!!!!Time to blow off steam out of happiness and Ganesha Chaturthi is on it's way..This festival is packed with lots of childhood memories :) Used to collect all tough subject books and keep near Ganesha and pray..My brother and me used to fight for reading out the story,Drawing halide swastik in the books,used to wait for the eve dinner prepared by mom(it's always spl)..Wish would go back to those beauteous days,i know u all guys also wish the same.So many festivals are coming thr Dussehra, Diwali, Xmas, New year super excited waiting for the festious days!!!On these chirpy day wanna share a healthy n tasty sweet with u Amigos..In these festival season we prepare many prasadams to offer for god..Try these healthy prasadam u will def love it..It will get ready in just minutes..

Things Needed :

1      cup Cracked wheat
1/2   cup milk
11/2  cup water
3/4    cup jaggery(adjust acc to ur taste)
3      tbsp Ghee
cardamom powder
Cashew,Almonds for Garnish

Method :

  • Add cracked wheat,milk n water to pressure cooker and cook up to 2 whistles
  • Take a wide pan add the jaggery allow it to melt and after one boil add the cooked cracked wheat
  • Let it mix well with all jaggery syrup and cook for 3 to 5 min add ghee in between
  • Roast almond n cashew in ghee
  • Finish off with roasted almond n cashew,cardamom powder and switch off the stove
So here is my Yummyyyyyyyyyyy bowl..Stay healthy and also enjoy the yummyy prasadams like this.

Tips :

  1. For good colour add black jaggery if available
  2. For xtra taste add more ghee to Ur choice
  3. Serve hot

Love to see u back in comments :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dark & Shiny Leaf NailArt

Howdy Amigos!!!Can't rely that we have are in mid of September..Just loving the climate of this september.Tit-bit drizzling,soothing airs,green lands,blue skies,floating rivers amusing nature :)September is a very rocking month as we see lovely couples walking around,parks are filled with kids and noise,patios blow up with colorful plants..Myway of enjoying this lovely september is grab a cup of hotdrink and relax near the patio watching the splashes of the nature pouring down from cloudy sky.K K for such a lovely days wanna make my nails more gorgeous..This combination is like monsoon weather never get bored and looks always spl and gets a outstanding attention ;)Got a very cute eartops,really fell in love with the tops so for my today nailart my perky eartops are my inspiration..Till date painted many splashy blooms,stripes,designs but these Dark & shiny leaf art stood most fav in my Nailart list..I am sure i would steal n inspires u to beautify ur nails too..K putting a fullstop to my bigmouth now!!!Don't just leaf through my air grab ur nailpaints and emblish ur nails too amigos..

This is my cutie leaf eartop i am talking about!!!Isn't that cuteeeeeeee