Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blooms Inside and out

It's so happy to watch ur plants blooming, isn't it??Surprisingly my both darling plants started showing up at same time!!! They are like a perfect blend with colors and brings lot of beauty to my patio :)) I totally enjoyed clicking them guess same as well u guys watching them.

Watch this yellow beauty!!!!!

Check out the super blend in my patio :))

 Talking about blooms inside have been doing lot of things take a sneak peak and keep guessing ;)

So this is my Blooms in n out!!!Throw ur colorful comments :))

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Classy Flashy Hues Nailart!!

Knock Knock Monday is here, Young and old hates to wake up at Monday morning and fall in a routine grind :)) To get rid of this of Monday doldrums i painted my nails, which is the most darling thing i love to do!!Grabbed my nail polish box filled with tiny hue bottles, confused what to brush on.. Summer is all about colors, jazzy outfits , splashy blooms but white is the most comforting and pleasant color to hang out under the bright suns.. So mixed up the comfort and splashy shades together with a touch of smoky black.

They weren't a perfect flowers, but it looks soo perfect for a summer Monday ;) This is the reason i called it classy flashy hues Nail art!!Guess u will agree with me..

Spill ur comments, will be waiting there!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caramelized Walnuts!!

Hellooo to one more Friday!!!Smoky grills, Shiny Skies, Warm breeze this is how summer weekend should be!!Well generally people love to chew a spicy bite with a coolly booze, apart from spicy n cooll beverages this summer try this caramelized walnuts. U will just simply go nuts with these walnuts. When u leaf thru any healthy tips this walnut is a front page thing comes in to consideration.
There are lots n lots of healthy benefits in these nuts. So tried this super healthy item to make some thing yummy,and guess what it turned out so nectarous :)) This idea has come out after tasting caramel popcorn ;) So here is what I did, take a sneak peak of my golden walnuts!!!


Ingredients :

  1. Walnuts
  2. Jaggery
  3. Cardamom powder(optional)

Process :

  • Dry roasted walnut for 3min in a pan
  • Transferred in to a plate and let it cooll
  • Put grated jaggery and little water and allow it to melt
  • Let the syrup come to boil and thick
  • Add cardamom powder and give a stir
  • Now add the roasted walnuts and give a good stir till all the walnuts are mixed with syrup
  • Then transfer it to a plate and allow it to cooll
  • When walnuts are warm separate it form each other and allow it to cooll completely
Who doesn't want to have a fistful of these blissful walnuts, now u will get all the proteins, nutrition form these clench hand in a yummier way :))Look at my delicious walnuts, u will def fall in love with this!!!

This is the reason I told u will go nuts with this yummy glorious walnutsssss!!!!!!!

Add ur yummy comments on this :))

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Decorating with Cupcake Liners + Celebrations

Hello everyone!!We are in 11th day of June, Amigo sun is spreading his love with his hot rays around :)Fresh lemonades are squeezing, green plants are shining, Ice-cream vans are beeping these are signs of Happy Summer!!!Everyone looks for a unique party decors, to host a party. If it is Kids birthday, we love to do something spl. Now I am goanna share a simple n super coolll decorating idea, which I have done for my anniversary . I have been looking for a  super simple n different  d├ęcor idea bored with these balloons, hanging decors, flowers in short sick n tired of regular stuff ;)
It was a spl anniversary as we are entering in to 5th year!!!I got a short time and looked for simple ideas then I found this cupcake liner number 5.It aroused me and started a mini project on this.

  • Taken a foam board and marked number 5 and cut it accordingly.
  • Separated all the liners and pinched each one with pencil
  • With help of hot glue gun sticked it around
So finally here is my Cute 5 for the day, it hardly took me 30min :)

Still this little 5 didn't amuse me to full, so grabbed all the colorful liners I have and look what I have done with them.Wanna see what was my msg under the glory candles, then afford a view

Check out my gleaming 5 :)

 How is my table looks like for the Spl evening??Don't miss to glare at my yummy cake!!

Do u wanna try something like this, need more detail explanation for making this magic numbers r letters :) Then check out this link. U will get lot more in Google!!So this decoration is perfect for a small size parties.. Happy Crafting!! Love to see u back in comments :)