Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hand Painted Gift Box

Howdy Everyone?? Life is going on very busily, in these routine grind just simmer down all the worries and give your self some time in doing what u love that may be gardening, painting, reading or may be just having a sip of drink in patio!! Summer time is fun time big tall green trees, kids gala in parks, smoky barbecued patios and lots and lots of sunshines and smily faces we see around :)
So Funtime started for us :) In this post i would like to share my hand made gift box for a cutie pie as her birthday gift filled with hand made jewelry From IMC!!! Hand made things are always precious and i am always fond of such things. So no more words now  my pictures will talk and say how paasionately i have made this gift for Little girl :) Just grabbed my painting brush spilled out colors what i have and sketched them as my heart desires, thats all..
It's never tough to do such things for our loved ones !!!
Here is the treasure bag to fit my sketchy box...

Top View

Wanna see what i did more sketched all my messages to birthday girl :)

See the 3D View reading them together will make the message complete so get ready to scan the words.

So Shall we open the box???? OK Lets do it!!!!!

Surprise is Always Fun :)

Finally collages for this pictures i told u my pictures will talk not me today, so have fun watching them...

Colorful box for a lovely and joyful kid..

So do u wanna make some thing unique for some one special like this.. come on splash some colors and sketch some messages.. U don't need to be a pro in painting to do such things, my box say that and kids love such a small and tiny things which makes them so happy and their smiles will make u sit on cloud 9 :) Trust me try such things and make ur loved ones happy!!!!

Will be waiting to see ur comments..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Spring

Hi Everyone, how are u guys doing over there?? From my side i have been eagerly waiting for this April, who doesn't love to wait for such a lovely times having fun with family members and celebrating all the important occasion with them. Don't u?? One more reason this year in particular i have been waiting is Spring!!!! Got Sick and tired of this cold weather, watching pearl white roof tops is fun but not anymore. Springggggg we hear birds chirping instead of this annoying alarm beeps, No pause in getting sunlight they peep through windows and wake us UP, lovely breeze evening walks makes us feel so fresh and comfortable. Oops i am very bad at poems, still tried few lines ;)
This year we had enough fun with this gusty winds *sigh* I am getting ready for Spring, do u want to see how? Then look at my gleaming window what i was doing to make my small brick patio look so interesting in summer evenings.

Cutie blooms makes me feel so refreshing :)

Top view don't ask me what is the plant ;) Surprisingly it started blooming one day no idea last season what was planted in the pot.

Lot and lots of greens in trays, gardening from seeds is real fun watching it blooming from initial is really exciting just realized this season

sowing the seeds, keeping them in warm place and waiting then to sprout O M G... i really enjoyed it ;) These mini tiny leaves aren't looking cuteeeee...

Greennn Greennn every where..

Finding Greens in a green is sometimes lovely, u can enjoy the fun by staring at this pictures..

Isn't that looking gorgeous green leaf in black soil under a yellow pot.

Flower buds beside my yellow flowers...

One more one more...

This is my story about now a days going on, so people if u get a chance do gardening and enjoy the pleasure in doing that its real fun and refreshing. Do u want to know what plants i have planted they are lot more will tell u in my summer posts along with stunning picture shots for sure..

Drop ur line for sure in comment bar :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Ugadi!!!

Wishes to all you over there!!!! Ugadi is a telugu new year celebrated every year, First day of chaitra masam we believe  as a new year started. We celebrate this day by making a mixture consists of 6 tastes called Ugadi Pachadi and Special dishes. We share this special dishes and happiness to all people around :) For greeting on this special day, I have picked a special flower why I call I special flower is in our childhood days every house used to have this plant. At that time we used to feel it as a familiar bloom, never took a while to cherish its beautiful colors and texture when they used to hung around the garden in home. Now I feel like I miss this lovely bloom, when I look at that flower I feel home somehow. So captured my handmade Hibiscus and wishing u all to welcome to NEW YEAR with this native greetings from me!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Valentine Day Gala 2014

I know you guys are wondering we are in last week of march and now i am talking about valentines day, just chill i am going to showcase my celebrations what i did for this year :) So recline for a while and enjoy the tour and story for this 2014!!!
As every year, this time i wanted to do something different in giving him a surprise.. So this time tale goes like this
there are 'some lights but very dim n clam', there are 'some flowers but they don't give any aromas', there is a 'gift which never ever stops working like my love', prepared a 'cake but haven't baked it at all' and finally table for two with lots of love and ingenious things around for "HIM" from his "INGENIOUS MRS" ok enough of puzzles i am going to show u the jubilant evening

First of all i got a thrilled surprise from HIM in the morning

What could give more joy other than a aromatic red roses :) (which was hided for me in garage whole night, poor ones) and yummyyyyy candyyyyyy

Now it's time for Kala's show, get readyyyy

My dim and calm tea lights around glowing and reflecting all the smiles and joys in our faces ;)

Flowers but they don't give any aromas, stare at my lovely hand made roses..

wanna see more shots of these lovelies even i would like to showww

Look how they are glowing under candle light, i am lovinggggg it !!!! Are u???

Cake but haven't baked it at all, u wanna seeee my milky white cake with a nice heart design on it ;)

Wondering what is this cake made of ;) OK i will tell u this is coconut barfi (a super easy making dessert) topped with almonds for garnish.. Couldn't wait till clicking a snap so grabbed a small yummy piece mean while.

My sketchy decor for him :))

Wanna see what is the gift, it's CITIZEN ECO DRIVE watch.. Remember what i said before "gift which never ever stops working like my love" becoz its eco drive ;)

Ok Now it's time for gleaming at Table for Two look!!!! Isn't this Awesomeeeeeeeee

Stare at the top view, all of them together :))

Little tiny messages in between expressed all my feelings for the evening, showing how happy i am!!!

Few moreee, even the heart boxes added lots of glory and beauty to the table :)

Can't stop focusing on my roses, after all i have spend moreee time in shaping them for my special evening :)

Pink is my favv, no no orange haa may be red oneee *sigh* all of themmm is my favvvvvv

So here is my Valentine Celebration of 2014 :)) What do u think?? Write down some lines for me at comment bar, don't forget to mention about my roses( just kidding)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Small Hello

Hey everyone!!! Just showed up on this middle of week to say a small hello to all of u guys.. We are in march the month i have been waiting for to see some pink,white blossoms on green bushes *sigh* instead i can still sea pearl white snow on dark and dry branches ufff so annoying. Nature is still taking its time to paint on all the hues in here, so i tought why don't i give a chance to myself to drench in few hues mean while :) So dusted off my old paint brushes and left over paint bottles to bring some nature inside the house and spill the joy to my pale white walls!!!! So next coming up with my paint projects (although i am not so good at that) amigos brace ur self to see my art works furtur here :)

Here is my sneak peak, so keep guessing what i am going to bring on my white walls :)

Post your splashy words in comments bar ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spinach Juice with Fruits.

Howdy Amigos!!! Friday joy is coming on it's way and more over this pleasant weather shopping buzz is alarming around ears :) No heavy coats, covered ears, closed hands i am dreaming about such a shopping in a outdoor mall *sigh* have to wait for this dream to come true pals. Talking about spinach juice, i can see that cruddy expression on your faces.. This time i am going to share some wonderful recipe for making this Spinach so tasty-full. If your are looking for something healthy,tasteful and easy made recipe then you are looking at right recipe. Having spinach like this will give all nutritions for your body.

Coming to the recipe i have added apple juice,strawberry and spinach and blend.

Process :

  • First get a glass of apple juice( i have taken it from fresh apple using juicer)
  • In blender add fistful of spinach, blend it using apple juice (instead of water i used apple juice so it tastes better and healthy u can use juice of your choice or little bit water)
  • After u can see green paste add the cut strawberries and blend it to a fine paste
  • Garnish it with fruit of your choice and serve
Note : U can add any fruit of your choice. 

Look at my Green crystal Juice glass!!! U will definitely love it :)

It is a must try recipe Juice, healthy and tasty one.. A prefect juice for a Perfect healthy morning :)
If u don't want your juice to be that green add one banana or any dark colored fruit, so the color becomes little bit lighter.

Here is the final shot for my Super juice!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Red Roses are a perfect symbol of "LOVE". Grab them and spread your token of love to your most loved ones!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Essence

Hey Amigos, I am here to spread some Valentine Essence. Where every u see it is spread with aromatic blooms, heart shaped cakes and candies It's pink and red every where!!!! These are the special days in year u can see lots of hearts in stores ;) (I mean heart shaped crafts and candies LOLL...) Every year i make this 14th evening a special day with lots of gala and love in home.. This year i am thinking of something different, not going to reveal what's the surprise stay tuned for that ;)
Mean while....
 I am sharing my previous celebrations, if you are confused what to do prepare for your special day get the essence from here and rock ur day!!!!

This was my 2013 valentine evening :)) Wanna see more hop on to the link of 2013 here

U don't have enough time for all extra preparations. If u like to plan a Simple candle Light dinner's at home then check out here

Would u like to show your love in extra special way apart from flowers and cakes then express it with this edible bouquets for your love :) I know u just loved it for more ideas hop on here

Wanna a special Nail art on this Special day.. Check out my Hearty Pink Nail art here 

Yummyyy Baked Cakes, Lovely decors, Sizzling recipes and melting desert recipes all are under one single tab!!!! Hop on here and just make this Gala day more special and special. Some picture's are missing sorry for the inconvenience will try to fix it soon :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Punugulu with Idly Batter

Hey everybody!!! Reclining back from weekend bliss and recoup in to weekday routines, is what Monday :) Punugulu is a favorite and easy snack every one love to have this crispy crunch's for chilly evenings. Idly is the most common breakfast we can see in south Indian houses.. Steamy, white and soft breakfast with spicy chutneys is a perfect morning breakfast!! After trying this snacks, this would definitely favorite evening time snack.
With left over batter add some
  • Maida(All purpose flour)
  • onions
  • green chili
  • cumin seeds
  • coriander leaves
  • curry leaves
  • Ginger(Optional)
  • Salt

Adjust Maida according to the crispiness u need, add all these ingredients and make in to a thick batter. With out using hand I used ice cream scoop to make it to a perfect round ones :) U can try that too, with out making ur hand messy, so that pick up few of them mean while frying and getting ready for next batch. Serve with chutney or spicy powders. U can try this with Dosa batter too, but with idly batter u get the crispiness and bit different taste. So try out this yummy and easy making snack, u can ask your partner to make this snack for u on a lazy evenings when u want to enjoy something hot and tasty :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peacock Nailart

Howdy Amigos!!! Passing through snowy Feb *sigh* it's very boring and annoying to see the heft heaps of snow all around.. Can't wait to see my patio to be filled with a colorful plants and joyful chitchats, i am dreaming about that eveningggg!!! To get out of winter blues we try cheer up our ambiances with bit of colors.. So tried this peacock nail art for myself to match up my peacock blue outfit ;) I have a special obsession with this peacock's, what ever may be the product jewelry, cushion covers, home decors i just attract to this peacock designs don't ask me why.. As a part of it take a sneak peak at my goldy peacock embellishes at my nook.. I just love to watch them under glowing light ;)

These cutie glory feathers inspired me to get my nail art done!!! They haven't turned out so perfect but at least they matched my outfit, next time i will make them perfect After all "Practice makes everything perfect" wat say?? Here is my imperfect though lovely nail art...

Sometimes sketchy things looks cute and modern so i will call this as my Trendy Peacock Nail art instead of imperfect one ;) what do u think guys 'Imperfect or Trendy' spill ur lines at comments bar.. I will be waiting!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walnut Chikki

Howdy Amigos!!! Getting out of holiday season is really tough.. Late night movies, brunch's we have after waking from bed, shopping spree in evening ufff why is holiday season so short and sweet :(
Pongal festival is really a cheer and blissful festive I used to enjoy in my childhood.. Ambiance filled around in these 3 days festival is lovely.. where u see colorful rangoli through out the street , we used to be very excited to fit in to our new outfits!!!! Yummyy yummyyyyyy dishes they used to prepare for this season, it used to be very fun watching them cooking and grab a fist full of chows and run ;) It's a lovely wonderful festival.. In these season everyone's tummy will be loaded with delicious sweets!!!
cherishing all the moments of Sankranti, today morning my taste buds pulled me in to kitchen to prepare some this delicious!! Tried this chikki for first time, instead of peanuts I just used walnut and fistful cashew..
In these festive season I have am not in a aura to explain all the cooking process just stare at my chikki just go and type peanut chikki u will get lot of links.. I have added walnut instead of peanut and roasted it like 5min.. Check out my Yummyyyy plate here :))


Who want to clean this sweet heap????

Do try this yummyyy and healthy chikki for sure!!!! Spill ur Yummyy comments I will be waiting to see them.