Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hand Painted Gift Box

Howdy Everyone?? Life is going on very busily, in these routine grind just simmer down all the worries and give your self some time in doing what u love that may be gardening, painting, reading or may be just having a sip of drink in patio!! Summer time is fun time big tall green trees, kids gala in parks, smoky barbecued patios and lots and lots of sunshines and smily faces we see around :)
So Funtime started for us :) In this post i would like to share my hand made gift box for a cutie pie as her birthday gift filled with hand made jewelry From IMC!!! Hand made things are always precious and i am always fond of such things. So no more words now  my pictures will talk and say how paasionately i have made this gift for Little girl :) Just grabbed my painting brush spilled out colors what i have and sketched them as my heart desires, thats all..
It's never tough to do such things for our loved ones !!!
Here is the treasure bag to fit my sketchy box...

Top View

Wanna see what i did more sketched all my messages to birthday girl :)

See the 3D View reading them together will make the message complete so get ready to scan the words.

So Shall we open the box???? OK Lets do it!!!!!

Surprise is Always Fun :)

Finally collages for this pictures i told u my pictures will talk not me today, so have fun watching them...

Colorful box for a lovely and joyful kid..

So do u wanna make some thing unique for some one special like this.. come on splash some colors and sketch some messages.. U don't need to be a pro in painting to do such things, my box say that and kids love such a small and tiny things which makes them so happy and their smiles will make u sit on cloud 9 :) Trust me try such things and make ur loved ones happy!!!!

Will be waiting to see ur comments..