Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

In a swirl we are in 2014.. Beverage glass cheers, Gleaming lights, Splashy Fireworks, Joyful Dances colorful rangoli welcoming new year,lots of merry making in and around people!! Bring Lovely moments of 2013 with u and leave mournful moments in the past. Have a Happyyy and lovelyyy year a head.. Wishing all amigos there a very lovely 2014..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celebrations 2013

Howdy people over there!!! Time is racing to finish 2013.. mean while here in my place snow is also competing with time and making the more smaller *sigh* Pathways are brimmed with pearly snow, smoky black trees are embellished with pearly snow beads its white every where.. I love to relish the beauty of nature when snow dews are falling from black clouds (but only watching thru window) ;) Still making my best to be active, but movie nights with a hot brownie topped with a cold ice cream is what I love about this freezing season!!! This year winter has hitted early and so I have planed my hubby birthday at home.. There is no place like HOME where we can make possible our most special days more special :))
So do u want to check out.. this time to get away from winter blues, bought home holiday ambiance a bit early.. Picked up some holiday light and made the birthday place to glow with lots of hues.. Are u ready for picture tour......

Now are u really ready to watchhhhhhhhh then hop on
Stare at Glory kitchen island, where it has been venue for the gala evening!!!

Do u want to take a detailed tour at this glowing birthday :) I will show u come on
Hues on my birthday Bouquet plant too!!! Howz it???

Bought some natural hues onnn....

Stare at my gleaming ballonssssss.. Each of it are wishing in its own style ;)

Yummiestttttttt thing on the island!!!!!!

Finallyyy Lights on...

After having the yummyy cake pieces now its time for my creative photography :) Brace yourself to watch.. Scattered hues on my SS fridge..

Enjoyed capturing them ;)

What do u think about this glory Gala... Isn't that lovelyyyyyyyy :))

Will be waiting to look at comments with a glory face ;)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

OMG Is It December!!!

Hello folks!!! Howdy everyone?? I am amazed to see the day today, are we in first day of  December?? 2013 is passing thru more faster than a flash. Still there is little more time to rehash about 2013 ;) Coming to post, I have talked about nail arts a lot. This nail polish color have my heart, confused whether I am loving my new dress or new nail polish bottle. Last week picked up dress for party and was curious to attach glorious hue to my nails too. I am very last minute person to get ready for the parties, so I always look for a simple and lovely designs and bring shine to my party look. So glare at my super simple, trendy design

What do u think about it?? Spill your comments ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Capsicum Masala Rice

Howdy everybody over there?? I can't believe we are in November 2013, come on its like only 2 months to welcome a New Year!!! This month is like swan song for all the lovely colors around the trees and bushes for the year.. Now all u can expect is gusty winds and pearly snow *sigh* Am I sounding like depressed, no not at all.. Now I am going to spill all my November joys here and make this post splashy :) In a swirl have reached to new home with lots of joy and bliss. Had a hushed gala at home for my husband birthday!!! Goanna share that pics soon.
Let's talk about Dish of Day!! Capsicum Masala Rice, this a must try rice recipe specially in these nippy weather.. I got this recipe from Sailus Food, there are bunch of recipes there. One day I have got e-book from Sailus and this recipe flipped out of my mind and told my self I am going to try this recipe for sure :) I am glad I tried this one!!! Look at this steamy, yummy and flavor rice.. For recipe hop on to the link stare at my yummy rice ;)
Note : I have added turmeric to recipe so my rice color is different from original one :)
Spill ur steamy and yummy comments!!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crescent Fashions

Hello every one.. World is filled with warm orange lights. India Diwali glories are growing where as in US Halloween pumpkins are smiling all the ways!!! I love to watch spooky decorations, I really feel relish to watch them * Am I sounding like spooky* ;) So in this glorious holiday and festive season I would like to share a online Facebook clothing store.. We see many of them like these now a days.. Specialty about these Crescent Fashions is they have a very unique collections which reflects our Indian style, the caption added for this is really a apt one I feel after looking at their collections. People in overseas take a look at this page and Like the page for more updates collections!!!
Crescent Fashions crew spilled their thoughts like this
We are a group of ladies who daily routine goes with family routines, love to do shopping and get materials and design for ourselves.. One innovative lady from the group proposed about this designing clothing who is already skillful in this job.. So here we are, providing unique designs for all lovely ladies over there!!!
Do u found this interesting!! Then hop on to fb page Crescent Fashions here are my few favorite picks!!!

I have my heart in this Jarkan Kundan bridal blouse!!! I am sure now ur heart is also hooked

All sarees are my favorite it is hard to pick one but still sharing one of the best..

Simple and affordable dresses, perfect ones for this festive seasons.. Wat say ladies??

Wat can I say about blousesss I feel like I need whole album ;) Girls are Girls!!!

 So Queen bees, think I have shown a best choice for you in these festive season!!!
Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bluish Green Nail art

Hello everyone!! I am going to talk about colors today :)) We girls are so lucky that we adopt many colors and different shades.. Usually we search for diverse shade every time when we go for outfit shopping. Girls Psyche is so splashy that what ever we pick, it fills in lots of hues.. Everybody agrees with me I guess. When coming to nail color, we give least preference and most of the people so neutral color polish shades. Many will be waver in selecting splashy shades on their nails. When it suits for your outfit why not for nails?? I tell everybody when u have a lovely hues on your clothing try painting similar shades on your nails, they blend so well with your outfit  and give a really modish look.. I always get inspired from my outfit shades and hues.
when I go to store different shades in nail colors attracts me a lot, in fact I bring home lovely hues even with out a thought whether I have a outfit with this color ;) In this post I have tired to match my new outfit.. What can make you more happy other than a new dress :) Wat say ladies!!!
This time I have tried my stamping nail art, this is a really superb one which makes ur job so easy..
Konad set it makes your nails look like a professional  art and definitely a super simple job!!! Stare at my bluish green nail art..

Are u loving it!!! Then grab lovely shades nail polish and beautify your nails matches the outfit hues and be special :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Spicy Puffed Rice!!!

Hii Howdy everyone?? Curious squirrel around mud pots, Goose ramblings in pathways, foggy morning, day is shrinking day by day tells us we are in October. Thought of giving a spicy start to this chilly October!! Spicy, tangy, crispy, what not its a tasty pack in a bowl. Lets hop on to the recipe details

Items needed :
  • Oil                                  -- 1tbsp
  • Peanut                            -- Fistful
  • Roasted chana dal          -- Fistful
  • Curry leaves                   -- Few
  • Chili powder                  -- 1/2 tsp.(adjust according to your taste)
  • Puffed Rice                    -- 2 cups
  • Salt                                 -- adjust according to your taste
Procedure :
    1. Drizzle oil in kadai
    2. When oil is hot add curry leaves, then add peanuts and roast for few minutes
    3.  When peanuts are done add roasted chana dal and fry till they change color (it takes very few minutes)
    4. Add salt and let it be for few seconds and add chili powder
    5. Add puffed rice and mix well with the mixture and fry till puffed rice become little crispy.
Cut some small piece of onions and sprinkle some lime juice over it and serve, every body loves to much such a spicy snack in chilly evenings :) Even u will also, becoz u spend little time in kitchen and more time in tasting this spicy and yummy bowl!!!! Jump in to kitchen and lit ur stove :)

Note : Add onions and lemon juice only before serving, for crunchy taste.

Post ur tasty comments, i will be waiting :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clay/Painted Candle Holder

Hellooo everyone over there!! Howdy guys?? Please apologize this lazy blogger*sigh* Didn't even come to notice when September has come. Suddenly got a hiccup then realized my blog is missing me, so i am here!! In these hustling days, stretched my craft time and again rolled out clay. Every time when i go for home décor shopping most of my picks will be candleholders r lanterns, i get easily bored with these holders and hunt for new again every time i visit. For me if we lit candle in candle holder whole space should be bountiful glorious!!! After few trails, finally baked this sketchy one. For making it more showy painted some hues on my imperfect candle holder like this :))
Glare at my homespun holder, captured every detail of this candle holder!!!

Look at my in and around glory in candle light

Now its time for exterior look, eye at my splashy flowers over there!!!

Inside look at daylight now..

Finally shot, u will just loveee it :))

Spill ur comments on these imperfect candle holder!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Colour Rambles

Hey everybody!!! We are in last week of august, this year summer it is a breathe easy one, said no to long drives and  hasty arrangements. Entering in to September, make me feel so excited about one thing i.e. falls color tends out bit by bit!!! Enjoying the warmly breeze, crunchy sounds at walk, wrapping up warm quilts, pumpkin farms filled with gala. Its season we can see orange every where.
Every green grass ways are now crunchy colorful walkways, each lane looks like a painting drew by mother nature. Oops its not fall yet, but still can't stop detailing poesy autumn season!!! This aura take me to leaf thru all my fall albums. I would love to share few of my rambles in the beautifully parks.
This is certainly a pleasured find, in our trip to a park. We just planned a gathering with few friends and have some good time and relax. After watching the fall foliage in the park, we jumped out in joy.
One of our friends who is very passionate about photography felt very glad for bringing his camera, even we are perky about it as we can portrait few golden pictures around us.. Look how the colorless lake filled with amazing fall foliage hues!!!

We haven't cared of capturing some scenic views, we were flying high and busy in fitting a golden portrait's for ourselves ;)

This time its a very well outlined program to Boston, to meet a friend of mine. It was mid of October, its hard to find fall foliage. But this ramble to little nook over there was very exciting. On  our way back from Boston, we were happened to see this golden shady place and spin the steering to this cute nook.

Who doesn't love to have a relaxed chat under this tree with a hot coffee!!!!

Few more

See whom did we meet that evening it added more joy to my excitement :))

So Amigos did u enjoy fall color rambles with me :)) Spill ur lovely words at comment bar. See ya!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clay Agarbatti/Incense holder

Howdy everybody?? Tuesday, waving between Monday blues and routine chores. We are in Lakshmi puja season(sravana masam). Every year  i plan something good for puja, this time got a bit of time ahead and prepared this silver clay Agarbatti holder :)) Why Agarbatti holder??
I have a small silver holder which i never use as it doesn't hold sticks properly and feels lazy to clean powder on floor *sigh* For a make-do i have been using a lovely glass which has become everlasting in my puja room. So i have looking for a big holder which doesn't leaves any mess, what could be more exciting and beautiful than handmade one!!! Here is what i did with clay
  • Rolled out clay
  • Cut them with leaf cookie cutter
  • Made a flower center piece
  • Arranged big ones first, then medium and later small
  • Twisted little bit of tit bit clay leaves 
  • Brushed on silver color which matches my puja room ;)
Doesn't it sound like exciting and easy, gape at my glittery silver flower :))

This aroma and smoke from this gorgeous clay flower, fills divine and room freshening fragrance to every nook..

Leave ur aromatic comments :))

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Merry Berry Nailart

Howdy-do everyone!!I am here with one more nail art today :))This one would be a perfect for sizzling summer parties. Summer makes me think of more colors, but this time chosen beery nail tip with a vibrant orange on nail which match my contemporary blouse for black saree.. Guess there is no need of any particular designs ur outfit gives u a lot of room for getting creative on ur nails!!Just get the details n hues from the costume as i did for this nail art. It was 11 pm, searching for a inspiration for painting my nails for next day party then took out outfit for the day and piece of that got some enthuse to spill some hues on nails. Ceasing my story there and sharing the merry berry nail art!!!
For a berry nail art like this what could be more appealing than a yummmmm black berry

Here is my pack of my nail art, get inspired and make ur nails beautiful!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chillyy Sip

Golden Sunflower, Vivid Daisy, Yellow Coneflowers, Butterfly Weeds every corner looks like a jazzy centerpiece's!!! That's the beauty of summer, glistening sunshine below the blue skies and above the green grass :) Summer Fridays are real fun, more time to hang out. Only word u hear in hot summers are "Drink More Water". I am not goanna bore u by spilling all the benefits of H20. Still i am here to talk about how to make zero calorie water to -ve calorie water :)) Drop off these healthy tit-bits in ur water bottle and sip all the negative calories!!

Dew Drop the leafy mint, stare at my green glass!!

Sunnyyy lemon slices in a freezing glass, i say it yummmmm

 The name itself says cool, yes its cucumbers it really give a cool look for my water jug too!!!

So these are my ideas for sipping water under hot sun :))Love to see u back in comments!!!Have fun Amigos.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome Home DIY

Hello chums!!!Time is flying i can't believe we are in mid month of 2013.In here we are chum with auroral mornings, parch afternoons, sweat evenings and falling asleep under the coolly breeze of AC. Usually i hanker to post on Fridays, but this weeks summer Friday planning to have a relaxed one!!This is wat every one do when hubby is at home *chuckles*. I have been outlining form a long time to have a welcome sign board, explored many stores, DIY ideas but any of haven't impressed me a lot. Finally thought of doing by my own ,no  readymade ones. Need something colorful signs, which really welcomes people. Got a ceramic base and started stenciling beautiful blooms allover. This is how it turned out :)) U remember in my previous post i have shown a sneak peak abt few of these, there is one more stuff doing with blooms for IMC!! Goanna share abt that soon. Believe me i have finished this project in 10min,stencils made the work so easy and a excellent outcome.
Here we go my colorful, bloomy Welcome Home Board :)))

Stare at my colorful nooks of this board

Summer Orange!!!

Blushing pink!!!

Golden Yellow!!!

Roseate red!!!

Did i miss any hues , i bet i haven't Splash ur colorful comments :))

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quinoa Pulav

Howdy People!!!After a chilled long weekend, it's hard to get back to routine.. Even feeling lazy to share some thoughts. Dropped my first line since Monday and finally got to complete it today *sigh*
In my lazy post today i am spilling out a yummy, healthy recipe :)) Mixing up healthy stuff, veggies add some spices and it turns out delicioussss like thiss!!!

Try this yummy, healthy and simple Veg Quinoa pulav.. Here is the link ,add ur own spices and make ur style of pulav!!! Serve with chilled raita, sure it will be a mouth treat :))

Love to see u back in comments :)) See ya

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blooms Inside and out

It's so happy to watch ur plants blooming, isn't it??Surprisingly my both darling plants started showing up at same time!!! They are like a perfect blend with colors and brings lot of beauty to my patio :)) I totally enjoyed clicking them guess same as well u guys watching them.

Watch this yellow beauty!!!!!

Check out the super blend in my patio :))

 Talking about blooms inside have been doing lot of things take a sneak peak and keep guessing ;)

So this is my Blooms in n out!!!Throw ur colorful comments :))

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Classy Flashy Hues Nailart!!

Knock Knock Monday is here, Young and old hates to wake up at Monday morning and fall in a routine grind :)) To get rid of this of Monday doldrums i painted my nails, which is the most darling thing i love to do!!Grabbed my nail polish box filled with tiny hue bottles, confused what to brush on.. Summer is all about colors, jazzy outfits , splashy blooms but white is the most comforting and pleasant color to hang out under the bright suns.. So mixed up the comfort and splashy shades together with a touch of smoky black.

They weren't a perfect flowers, but it looks soo perfect for a summer Monday ;) This is the reason i called it classy flashy hues Nail art!!Guess u will agree with me..

Spill ur comments, will be waiting there!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caramelized Walnuts!!

Hellooo to one more Friday!!!Smoky grills, Shiny Skies, Warm breeze this is how summer weekend should be!!Well generally people love to chew a spicy bite with a coolly booze, apart from spicy n cooll beverages this summer try this caramelized walnuts. U will just simply go nuts with these walnuts. When u leaf thru any healthy tips this walnut is a front page thing comes in to consideration.
There are lots n lots of healthy benefits in these nuts. So tried this super healthy item to make some thing yummy,and guess what it turned out so nectarous :)) This idea has come out after tasting caramel popcorn ;) So here is what I did, take a sneak peak of my golden walnuts!!!


Ingredients :

  1. Walnuts
  2. Jaggery
  3. Cardamom powder(optional)

Process :

  • Dry roasted walnut for 3min in a pan
  • Transferred in to a plate and let it cooll
  • Put grated jaggery and little water and allow it to melt
  • Let the syrup come to boil and thick
  • Add cardamom powder and give a stir
  • Now add the roasted walnuts and give a good stir till all the walnuts are mixed with syrup
  • Then transfer it to a plate and allow it to cooll
  • When walnuts are warm separate it form each other and allow it to cooll completely
Who doesn't want to have a fistful of these blissful walnuts, now u will get all the proteins, nutrition form these clench hand in a yummier way :))Look at my delicious walnuts, u will def fall in love with this!!!

This is the reason I told u will go nuts with this yummy glorious walnutsssss!!!!!!!

Add ur yummy comments on this :))

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Decorating with Cupcake Liners + Celebrations

Hello everyone!!We are in 11th day of June, Amigo sun is spreading his love with his hot rays around :)Fresh lemonades are squeezing, green plants are shining, Ice-cream vans are beeping these are signs of Happy Summer!!!Everyone looks for a unique party decors, to host a party. If it is Kids birthday, we love to do something spl. Now I am goanna share a simple n super coolll decorating idea, which I have done for my anniversary . I have been looking for a  super simple n different  décor idea bored with these balloons, hanging decors, flowers in short sick n tired of regular stuff ;)
It was a spl anniversary as we are entering in to 5th year!!!I got a short time and looked for simple ideas then I found this cupcake liner number 5.It aroused me and started a mini project on this.

  • Taken a foam board and marked number 5 and cut it accordingly.
  • Separated all the liners and pinched each one with pencil
  • With help of hot glue gun sticked it around
So finally here is my Cute 5 for the day, it hardly took me 30min :)

Still this little 5 didn't amuse me to full, so grabbed all the colorful liners I have and look what I have done with them.Wanna see what was my msg under the glory candles, then afford a view

Check out my gleaming 5 :)

 How is my table looks like for the Spl evening??Don't miss to glare at my yummy cake!!

Do u wanna try something like this, need more detail explanation for making this magic numbers r letters :) Then check out this link. U will get lot more in Google!!So this decoration is perfect for a small size parties.. Happy Crafting!! Love to see u back in comments :)