Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Clicks 2013

Hello Amigos!!Its Spring,Shiny morning n chilly evenings :)Butterflies are flying,smelling the scent of flowers.Dark skies are being painted with blossoms of  red n orange!!Like butterflies people are coming out n spreading glee.This season has bring so much cheer n greens in home,sunlight glancing thru glass window and saying hello to my plants and they smiled in return with it's fresh buds,blooms n greens!!Couldn't stop myself clicking all these beautifulls.Here are my lovelies who bring so fresh look n air around.Take a look their is story for every snap.

This green is what we call spring green,isn't that refreshingg green

Yellowww Diasy,it's my cutie present for my hubbyy!!

One more refreshing green

These white pearly bloom smells amazingg!!!

Remember this rose plant(gift for my birthday),i just love watching it blooming..Who dosen't??

Waiting for these little cute buddy too.

Some more in and around
This season we can see many bugs,bees coming out.This colorful bug i found in my patio n captured with my cam.Like a good bug it have allowed me to click!!
Look at this king of spring season it just flies miles n miles :)
Here we go last nut not least i have never waiting so long to click someone like this,last year when i have visited harrisburg to friends place.I just waited sooo longgg under hot sun to click this bee still didn't get a clear click :(
Here is my exciting clicks for the spring which i love to do it every year!!!Love to see u back in comments :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday bash Nailart!!!!

Hello everybody!!:)Last week sunday i have started my day with lots of excitement and joy becoz it's my Birthday!!!!!!Memorizing my gala sunday sharing my happiness 2day.It's been a longtime i haven't posted any nailart,so i am gonna share my nailart done for my birthday  Birthday is a spl day,then what abt nail art??I should be also more spl right!!Spring shows the glamor of pink blossoms every where,this color is always spl for every girl.Grabbed my french manicure kit and painted a simple pink and white polish on my hand.I was born in spring season how could i be so simple n mousy,no way while breaking my head saw my pinky birthday outfit which inspired me to paint this pictorial blooms.This blooms seems perfect for my nails and outfit too!!Populace loose their interest in celebrating birthday as they grow up,but this april born lady is different who loves to enjoy her day to max,still gets excited as same during the school days!!!Wish n hope should have same enthu till i am 90 ;)Guys it's one life n only one day for birthday so amigos don't miss that spl day!!
If husband is behaving something strange,hiding something and been on roads with out you,every women will be furious.Even i was the same,but when i have seen all these i was likee wowwwwwww.This birthday was the beautifull birthday got a wonderfull gift,surprise cake, rose pot,yummyyy choclate and on top of theseee husband love for me and he made my dayy so spllll!!!Here is my Birthday bash n Nailart story for this 2013.Do u wanna see clicks of my gala,even i am excited to show u guys then come on..

Here is my pinky Nailart i am talking about!!!

Wanna see a full shot,background is the oufit for my birthday isn't thattt pinkyyyyyyy

This is my yummyyyyyyy cake,when the clocked ticked 12 this yummyy thing was before me..

Here is my rose pot for the day..I always prefer to gift a plant instead of a bouquet.

Didn't get time to click my yummyy choclate,here is my gift for the day!!!!Peacock pendant :)

Give me ur wonderful wishes and comments :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Codify ur Remotes

Hello folks,how are everyone doing over there??April is here,this is my hearty fav month!!Lots n lots of celebrations happens with me during April :) Sun is shining bright but still gusty winds are bossy over here.Spring in nature says that it's time to party!!!!Spring n summer are two beautiful seasons people rove over beaches,parks,garden parties n lot more funnn.Still waiting for the shiny bright weather.Starting my April month post with some organizing tip for the most common thing in every home we search for it at least twice a day i.e.. remote controls.Is there any home with only one  remote these days i don't think so??They say remote for game control,home theater,bluray player etc etc.Generally we scatter all these on a table or near the tv but when we wanna watch the tv we hunt for the remotes,then we complaint that kids have misplaced them this is the routine happens in every home.So here i am sharing few of my ideas to clutch all these bunch.These are homespun and well know ideas which is so super simple still we neglect to do that.
Remote caddy,this is really a super simple and gr8 idea and very handy to reach them.If u have a sewing machine grab a fabric which matches ur sofa and start sweing this super simple remote caddy.I got a shoe holder in home grabbed it and cut in to desired lenght and added few weight on the base as my fabric is so lite.Hang up to my sofa here is my beautiful remote caddy!!!I guess if u have a sewing machine u can get a perfect one.

These designed containers are gr8 for holding remotes and it add a good emblishment to ur table!!!Select ur design matches ur home or u can paint what ever u wish.I got this from Target!!!

Time for dusting off  all the pots n patio,select some fancy or self decorated pot and use it as a remote holder like this.I have picked a old pot and wrapped my old pot gift wrap to it and used it this way..

These duck basket is my fav,so i have chosen this for holding my fav game controls.Come on now search for the lovely baskets like this and dress up ur remotes as well as ur table..

Hope my super simple organizing tips helps u,save time in searching ur remotes and spend a quality family tv time every eve with out any hunt for remotes!!!!Love to see u back in comments.