Friday, July 26, 2013

Chillyy Sip

Golden Sunflower, Vivid Daisy, Yellow Coneflowers, Butterfly Weeds every corner looks like a jazzy centerpiece's!!! That's the beauty of summer, glistening sunshine below the blue skies and above the green grass :) Summer Fridays are real fun, more time to hang out. Only word u hear in hot summers are "Drink More Water". I am not goanna bore u by spilling all the benefits of H20. Still i am here to talk about how to make zero calorie water to -ve calorie water :)) Drop off these healthy tit-bits in ur water bottle and sip all the negative calories!!

Dew Drop the leafy mint, stare at my green glass!!

Sunnyyy lemon slices in a freezing glass, i say it yummmmm

 The name itself says cool, yes its cucumbers it really give a cool look for my water jug too!!!

So these are my ideas for sipping water under hot sun :))Love to see u back in comments!!!Have fun Amigos.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome Home DIY

Hello chums!!!Time is flying i can't believe we are in mid month of 2013.In here we are chum with auroral mornings, parch afternoons, sweat evenings and falling asleep under the coolly breeze of AC. Usually i hanker to post on Fridays, but this weeks summer Friday planning to have a relaxed one!!This is wat every one do when hubby is at home *chuckles*. I have been outlining form a long time to have a welcome sign board, explored many stores, DIY ideas but any of haven't impressed me a lot. Finally thought of doing by my own ,no  readymade ones. Need something colorful signs, which really welcomes people. Got a ceramic base and started stenciling beautiful blooms allover. This is how it turned out :)) U remember in my previous post i have shown a sneak peak abt few of these, there is one more stuff doing with blooms for IMC!! Goanna share abt that soon. Believe me i have finished this project in 10min,stencils made the work so easy and a excellent outcome.
Here we go my colorful, bloomy Welcome Home Board :)))

Stare at my colorful nooks of this board

Summer Orange!!!

Blushing pink!!!

Golden Yellow!!!

Roseate red!!!

Did i miss any hues , i bet i haven't Splash ur colorful comments :))

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quinoa Pulav

Howdy People!!!After a chilled long weekend, it's hard to get back to routine.. Even feeling lazy to share some thoughts. Dropped my first line since Monday and finally got to complete it today *sigh*
In my lazy post today i am spilling out a yummy, healthy recipe :)) Mixing up healthy stuff, veggies add some spices and it turns out delicioussss like thiss!!!

Try this yummy, healthy and simple Veg Quinoa pulav.. Here is the link ,add ur own spices and make ur style of pulav!!! Serve with chilled raita, sure it will be a mouth treat :))

Love to see u back in comments :)) See ya