Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

In a swirl we are in 2014.. Beverage glass cheers, Gleaming lights, Splashy Fireworks, Joyful Dances colorful rangoli welcoming new year,lots of merry making in and around people!! Bring Lovely moments of 2013 with u and leave mournful moments in the past. Have a Happyyy and lovelyyy year a head.. Wishing all amigos there a very lovely 2014..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celebrations 2013

Howdy people over there!!! Time is racing to finish 2013.. mean while here in my place snow is also competing with time and making the more smaller *sigh* Pathways are brimmed with pearly snow, smoky black trees are embellished with pearly snow beads its white every where.. I love to relish the beauty of nature when snow dews are falling from black clouds (but only watching thru window) ;) Still making my best to be active, but movie nights with a hot brownie topped with a cold ice cream is what I love about this freezing season!!! This year winter has hitted early and so I have planed my hubby birthday at home.. There is no place like HOME where we can make possible our most special days more special :))
So do u want to check out.. this time to get away from winter blues, bought home holiday ambiance a bit early.. Picked up some holiday light and made the birthday place to glow with lots of hues.. Are u ready for picture tour......

Now are u really ready to watchhhhhhhhh then hop on
Stare at Glory kitchen island, where it has been venue for the gala evening!!!

Do u want to take a detailed tour at this glowing birthday :) I will show u come on
Hues on my birthday Bouquet plant too!!! Howz it???

Bought some natural hues onnn....

Stare at my gleaming ballonssssss.. Each of it are wishing in its own style ;)

Yummiestttttttt thing on the island!!!!!!

Finallyyy Lights on...

After having the yummyy cake pieces now its time for my creative photography :) Brace yourself to watch.. Scattered hues on my SS fridge..

Enjoyed capturing them ;)

What do u think about this glory Gala... Isn't that lovelyyyyyyyy :))

Will be waiting to look at comments with a glory face ;)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

OMG Is It December!!!

Hello folks!!! Howdy everyone?? I am amazed to see the day today, are we in first day of  December?? 2013 is passing thru more faster than a flash. Still there is little more time to rehash about 2013 ;) Coming to post, I have talked about nail arts a lot. This nail polish color have my heart, confused whether I am loving my new dress or new nail polish bottle. Last week picked up dress for party and was curious to attach glorious hue to my nails too. I am very last minute person to get ready for the parties, so I always look for a simple and lovely designs and bring shine to my party look. So glare at my super simple, trendy design

What do u think about it?? Spill your comments ;)