Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spinach Juice with Fruits.

Howdy Amigos!!! Friday joy is coming on it's way and more over this pleasant weather shopping buzz is alarming around ears :) No heavy coats, covered ears, closed hands i am dreaming about such a shopping in a outdoor mall *sigh* have to wait for this dream to come true pals. Talking about spinach juice, i can see that cruddy expression on your faces.. This time i am going to share some wonderful recipe for making this Spinach so tasty-full. If your are looking for something healthy,tasteful and easy made recipe then you are looking at right recipe. Having spinach like this will give all nutritions for your body.

Coming to the recipe i have added apple juice,strawberry and spinach and blend.

Process :

  • First get a glass of apple juice( i have taken it from fresh apple using juicer)
  • In blender add fistful of spinach, blend it using apple juice (instead of water i used apple juice so it tastes better and healthy u can use juice of your choice or little bit water)
  • After u can see green paste add the cut strawberries and blend it to a fine paste
  • Garnish it with fruit of your choice and serve
Note : U can add any fruit of your choice. 

Look at my Green crystal Juice glass!!! U will definitely love it :)

It is a must try recipe Juice, healthy and tasty one.. A prefect juice for a Perfect healthy morning :)
If u don't want your juice to be that green add one banana or any dark colored fruit, so the color becomes little bit lighter.

Here is the final shot for my Super juice!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Red Roses are a perfect symbol of "LOVE". Grab them and spread your token of love to your most loved ones!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Essence

Hey Amigos, I am here to spread some Valentine Essence. Where every u see it is spread with aromatic blooms, heart shaped cakes and candies It's pink and red every where!!!! These are the special days in year u can see lots of hearts in stores ;) (I mean heart shaped crafts and candies LOLL...) Every year i make this 14th evening a special day with lots of gala and love in home.. This year i am thinking of something different, not going to reveal what's the surprise stay tuned for that ;)
Mean while....
 I am sharing my previous celebrations, if you are confused what to do prepare for your special day get the essence from here and rock ur day!!!!

This was my 2013 valentine evening :)) Wanna see more hop on to the link of 2013 here

U don't have enough time for all extra preparations. If u like to plan a Simple candle Light dinner's at home then check out here

Would u like to show your love in extra special way apart from flowers and cakes then express it with this edible bouquets for your love :) I know u just loved it for more ideas hop on here

Wanna a special Nail art on this Special day.. Check out my Hearty Pink Nail art here 

Yummyyy Baked Cakes, Lovely decors, Sizzling recipes and melting desert recipes all are under one single tab!!!! Hop on here and just make this Gala day more special and special. Some picture's are missing sorry for the inconvenience will try to fix it soon :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Punugulu with Idly Batter

Hey everybody!!! Reclining back from weekend bliss and recoup in to weekday routines, is what Monday :) Punugulu is a favorite and easy snack every one love to have this crispy crunch's for chilly evenings. Idly is the most common breakfast we can see in south Indian houses.. Steamy, white and soft breakfast with spicy chutneys is a perfect morning breakfast!! After trying this snacks, this would definitely favorite evening time snack.
With left over batter add some
  • Maida(All purpose flour)
  • onions
  • green chili
  • cumin seeds
  • coriander leaves
  • curry leaves
  • Ginger(Optional)
  • Salt

Adjust Maida according to the crispiness u need, add all these ingredients and make in to a thick batter. With out using hand I used ice cream scoop to make it to a perfect round ones :) U can try that too, with out making ur hand messy, so that pick up few of them mean while frying and getting ready for next batch. Serve with chutney or spicy powders. U can try this with Dosa batter too, but with idly batter u get the crispiness and bit different taste. So try out this yummy and easy making snack, u can ask your partner to make this snack for u on a lazy evenings when u want to enjoy something hot and tasty :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peacock Nailart

Howdy Amigos!!! Passing through snowy Feb *sigh* it's very boring and annoying to see the heft heaps of snow all around.. Can't wait to see my patio to be filled with a colorful plants and joyful chitchats, i am dreaming about that eveningggg!!! To get out of winter blues we try cheer up our ambiances with bit of colors.. So tried this peacock nail art for myself to match up my peacock blue outfit ;) I have a special obsession with this peacock's, what ever may be the product jewelry, cushion covers, home decors i just attract to this peacock designs don't ask me why.. As a part of it take a sneak peak at my goldy peacock embellishes at my nook.. I just love to watch them under glowing light ;)

These cutie glory feathers inspired me to get my nail art done!!! They haven't turned out so perfect but at least they matched my outfit, next time i will make them perfect After all "Practice makes everything perfect" wat say?? Here is my imperfect though lovely nail art...

Sometimes sketchy things looks cute and modern so i will call this as my Trendy Peacock Nail art instead of imperfect one ;) what do u think guys 'Imperfect or Trendy' spill ur lines at comments bar.. I will be waiting!!!