Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red n yellow blooms on Nails

Hello All and sundry!!!Bit busy with cleanup for the lakshmi pooja for the coming friday.This friday is gonna be a Devotional one..Friday is not complete with out a biryani at home,but this friday deviation from the routine,it's like a queen bees friday..Friends come in for tambulam n chatting abt the new trend dresses,gold..blah blah blah u know how it will be :)So preparing myself for the traditional friday's.Red n yellow blend is a very traditional hues,any women looks more gorgeous in these traditional blend wear..Do u agree with me??If u have a costume in this combo then u should dress up ur nails toooo!!!Flowers,red,yellow,nails and ladies don't u think all are related to eachone in some way..That is the reason i am here 2day connecting all of them so ladies paint ur nails with red and yellow flowers and boost ur beauty..Are u ready to glimpse at my art now???

What do u think???Aren't they perfect for this hot traditional friday!!!!!

Hurry up and grab ur colors for the parties and be special...

Have u entered for the Giveaway at IMC three simple steps will help u to win a beautiful set..7 more dayssssss to go..
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1 in IL State Beach

Hello Amigos!!Guess everybody are freaking out on these Hot hot summer..Who doesn't like to go enjoy the beauty of flare sun on the shore..Warm breeze,chilled water,gleaming sun never miss a chance to watch sunset on the shore..Trust me u will love the experience and shutterbug like me enjoys the evening to max :) Still didn't get a chance to capture the sunset in my camera..Waiting for the moment more eagerly..Have a bite of mirchi pokra,hot bhel is like heaven..It is bit impossible here so planned for grill..Having a tasty tasty snacks near riverside it's like wowwww..Day 1 we have spend most of the time for grilling n munching..After jam-packing our stomaches heavily started towards the beach and burned very few calories there..Do u have a beach near u??Is grilling allowed there???Then never miss a chance of enjoying this way for the summmer weekend..That would be really memorable..Spl thing about this day is all the gentleman are busy in grilling and we ladies are busy in munching!!Doesn't it sounds like fun??Yesssss it is :)Sharing the tasty n coolll trip to state beach..

First taking a tour to tasty snacks prepared for us!!!

Getting ready itself to cook tasty foodd.

Here we go yummyyyyy corns..

Next comes most toothsome sweet potatos..Trust me grilled sweetpotates tastes the bestt.. N my most most favvvvvvvv chicken

Take a look at the smoky chicken..

Are u hungry??I bet ur alreay told u my pics will make u hungry for sureee..K now it's time some landscapes..
Look at the breezyyyy blue beach..

Hot gleaming sunnn..

Everybody is out still don't wanna leave the place..

So this is the Day1 at Beach..Meet u in next post of my Day2 exp in the same place!!!

Last but not least about my giveaway did u enter in to the contest??Here is the Giveaway details so grabb the chance and enter for it..

Take a look at my new look for the give away :)
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kala's Kalakand

Don't fall into daze,gazing at the title!!!Rolling in to weekend and just love summer weekends..Sun is gleaming hottt..It's no way less than Indian summer.Get down to brass tacks of the title,Sweet tooth people just goes crazy about kalakand..Riffed through many recipes and there are many variety of kalakand recipe drives me crazy..Finally as a fusion of all recipes made kalakand which is available in my home,turned out so yummy that's the reason named it as Kala's kalakand..So what do u think???

Things Needed

2       cup Channa(paneer)
11/2  cup sugar
1/4    cup koya
2 tbsp Ghee
Elachi powder
Badam or raisin for garnish


  • First make Channa from milk by adding lemon juice/vinegar to boiling milk(u can find many videos hoe to make Channa)
  • Take a heavy bottom vessel(preferably non-stick) add ghee to the pan
  • Now add the Channa to the ghee and keep stirring it.
  • When ghee starts coming out from Channa add the sugar.
  • let the sugar melt and allow the mixture to become thick.
  • Now add koya and elachi powder to the mixture and keep stirring it.
  • When u see the mixture has become very thick and ready
  • Remove from pan and transfer it to a ghee plate and allow it to cool
  • When the mixture comes to warm take a knife and cut in to desired shape
  • Garnish with Badam,Raisin or cashew of Ur choice.
Check out the Yummyyyy picture ever!!!!!

Note :  Keep on stirring the mixture and cook on lowflame if the mixture burns it doesn't tastes good..
            Adjust sugar acc to Ur taste.

So cook,serve and enjoy with Ur Sweet family..

Did u enter Ur name for the gorgeous giveaway,never ever take a chance to miss..It's just a simple 3 steps..

 Adios Amigos see u next week..Have a lovely weekend :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

100 POST + Give away

Wait is over!!!I can't believe that i am posting 100th one in my blog,sooooo happy :)So for this spl post i wanna make it more exciting with a give away!!!Question is what is a Give-Away??There are so many synonyms for this,in my find out it's a gift offered to readers on Spl occasions(sry if i spelled it wrong)So are u ready to chip in the give away..I was unable to judge what should i plan for a give away,as this is my first give away doesn't wanna make it so ponderous but want to be a special one..After many ideas finally sticked to a think my give away should be from IMC..Then here somes he question which one should be picked??After lots n lots of pondering fix up on a item..Here is the lovely scoop of my give awayy..
Take a look at my gorgeous pendant with elegant earrings which matches ur cooll outfits!!!

So what do u think???Isn't that lovely!!!I Bet this Sapphire n silver combination is every one's dearie..So 3 simple steps will make u reach to this pendant n earrings..This is open for non-blogger too..This is an International one too!!!

  1. Like the page of IMC on Facebook
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So Isn't t  really a super simple easy steps come on it's worth doing for this elegant set here...So Queen bees over there grab this chance and let this jewelry glitter on ur neck n ears :)It is open till July 31 and the winner will be announced at Aug 1st..

See u back in  next post..Till then Adios and good luck