Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walnut Chikki

Howdy Amigos!!! Getting out of holiday season is really tough.. Late night movies, brunch's we have after waking from bed, shopping spree in evening ufff why is holiday season so short and sweet :(
Pongal festival is really a cheer and blissful festive I used to enjoy in my childhood.. Ambiance filled around in these 3 days festival is lovely.. where u see colorful rangoli through out the street , we used to be very excited to fit in to our new outfits!!!! Yummyy yummyyyyyy dishes they used to prepare for this season, it used to be very fun watching them cooking and grab a fist full of chows and run ;) It's a lovely wonderful festival.. In these season everyone's tummy will be loaded with delicious sweets!!!
cherishing all the moments of Sankranti, today morning my taste buds pulled me in to kitchen to prepare some this delicious!! Tried this chikki for first time, instead of peanuts I just used walnut and fistful cashew..
In these festive season I have am not in a aura to explain all the cooking process just stare at my chikki just go and type peanut chikki u will get lot of links.. I have added walnut instead of peanut and roasted it like 5min.. Check out my Yummyyyy plate here :))


Who want to clean this sweet heap????

Do try this yummyyy and healthy chikki for sure!!!! Spill ur Yummyy comments I will be waiting to see them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Pongal!!!!!!!!

Wish u all over there a Very Happy Pongal.. Enjoy Yummyy Payasam's, lovely time with families and don't forget about the kite's!!!!!!!!