Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Dasara + Nail Art

Hello,How is everyone over there???Don't know how to outset the post,K Wishing u all a Very Happy Dasara!!!!Festive seasons are here, Dasara,Bakrid,Halloween,Diwali,Xmas Whoopeeee exciting part of the year.Howbeit weather is not so exciting leaves on grass,cool breezes,heavy pourdowns wheww guess this year winter is gonna be creepy.What ever may be atmosphere,festive seasons should be bouncy,chirpy!!Wat say??I am celebrating with all these zest full dishes,Wat's cooking in Ur kitchen??Here is my shot of delicious festive gala..

Pineapple Keasari and Puliyogare!!!

Coming to my Nail Art,in a word it was a hustle art.Weekend was a Chockablock serving for guests coming in,Getting ready for a Long drive Baby shower,back to small session of fall photo shoot,back to home..Still it is incomplete,missed watching new release movie ;) In such a busy one,pulled out some time for the Nail Art.How can i miss that,after all i am attending a Baby shower of amigos!!!
It's difficult to think about the design so got an idea grabbed my outfit for the day and painted something related to the fabric..So here is the Fabric Nail Art..Tried hard to click good shots,in such a tiresome day you know how it is..Leafthru the snaps and get inspired with Ur outfits and embellish Ur nails..

Here is my Fabric art Nail art Hand!!!!!
This is my story for the post :) Catch u up in next post,October has been mum month,promise that gonna make November so exciting..Surprise is on the way,want to know Wat is it??Stay tunedd!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Chicken Fry

Friday is on board!!!Fall evenings are so precious,warm breezes,colour full and shiny tress around.
Dinner on this evening should be something Special..Climate is chilling out,what do u expect other than a hot and spicy food.I got this recipe from mom's kitchen,mom food is the best,don't u agree with me??Chill out with this spicy chicken recipe and have a wonderful weekend.No more words just jumping on to recipe,before have a look at my pungent dish u will def look at my recipe.


Chicken                 -- 1lb
Onion                     --  1
Coriander powder  -- 1tbsp
Chili powder         -- 2tbsp(adjust acc to taste)
Turmeric powder   -- Pinch
Ginger Garlic paste -- 1/2 tbsp
Tomato                  --  1
Garam masala       -- 1/2tbsp
Curry leaves         --  few
Mirchi                  --   3 to 4
Salt to taste

  • Clean and wash the chicken
  • Grind the onion to coarse paste (don't make it to smooth paste)
  • Now add the onion paste,coriander pwd,chili powder,turmeric powder and marinate at least for 30min
  • Add oil to kadai,fry ginger garlic paste and add the marinated chicken
  • Put the stove in high flame and fry the chicken till it becomes dry and no water left,mix it in between but very gently and  it becomes dark brown don't panic that is the color we want
  • Place the lid and allow it to cook for 7 to 10min,till the chicken get cooks well and no raw smell left
  • check the taste,blanch tomato's and if u feel like adding any more spices u can add in this tomato puree
  • Add this puree to the chicken and place the lid and cook for another 7 min
  • Finally add garam masala and fry for few minutes
  • Finish it off with roasted curry leaves,cashew and mirchi
Tips :
  1. After adding roasted curryleves and mirchi place the lid for few mintues it give a nice aroma
  2. Don't mix chicken with ladle just shake the kadai.

Here is my final shot of my Sizzling dish!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alluring Anklets at IMC

Oct is here,hues of orange,yellow,red are seen around!!!Last month too see all colors on the trees,behindhand we are forced look up at those devil and snowwhite trees..For such a alluring month  IMC brings out a new item i.e.. Ankelts..These Anklets hold lots of childhood memories for me,i used be crazy about that after coming to college i was bored with the bold silver anklets.Used to search for a trendy and elegant ones..In my last India trip i was amazed looking at the beautifull collections there in kundans,silver,brass..So some idea flashed in my mind,grabbed my bead treasure box and pinned in some beautifull beads and here are my beautiful,elegant n trendy Anklets simply alluring i say,wish u feel the same after taking a look..Grab ur choice from the album and beautify ur lovely feet.

Best thing about black it suits any skin tone,and i bet in a women wardrobe there would be atleast half a dozen outfit with these shades..So here is my Bold Black Anklet

Pearly Brown
Classic white one i can see myself matches for my white kurti for a black jean!!!!

Having a excat match earrings,bracelet,necklace,sandals would make u beautifull,but having a excat match of anklets would make u so extra special..Look at my extra spl Anklet for my favvv outift everrrr

Last shot of these beauties

More collections are coming in soonn..So hurry up and mail me the codes to of ur fav accessories..Ur Picks will be at ur doorsteps to make u more lovely.Be extra spl with these IMC jewerly..

Love to see u back in comments