Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Edible Bouquet 4 ur Love

Still 14 more days for Valentines day :) So folks are u ready for the Lovely-dovey day,i know it's not a tradition for indians to celebrate this valentine day but it's the day of love..How one can be so boring with out planning a day-out atleast this day..I never ever miss day with out celebrating,in this freezing temperatures if ur not interested in going out,come on arrange for ur loved ones a fanciful dinner and do some thing from this regular grind..No need of any Diamonds to impress ur love just a small creative idea would make them cheer up!!!Have u never arranged anything of this kind before try 4 this valentine and see love will be showerd on "U".In this post i am going to share a lovely bouqet which is very simple and unique way of gifting to ur loved ones..

This Lovely Edible bouqet was done by me for my Husband 2010 b'day it was a surprise u know how it would be so unable to arrange it properly..The shape hasn't so impressive but thats k it was my first attempt

So this time i have prepared a small and cute one there are some strawberries in the fridze,perfect colour for the valentine party so grabbed the splashy fruits and made this edible arrangement :)

After all it's a Valentine bouqet so where is the heart so attached my lovely heart ;) to the edible arrangement..

Love is about 2 hearts isn't it so added one more heart and yummy sound to the hearts!!!!

So what do u think of the edible arrangements!!!So do u wanna make some will soon post the details of making this for now enjoy the pictures :)

Love to see u back in comments!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

7 Things about me n Thank u Award

Purvi & Vaish Thank u for the award  that mean a lot for me..Coming to the passing of awards every body is equal to me so i am passing this award to every body who are visiting my blog..Taking this as oppurtunity i thank each and every body who drop by and comment on my blog :)So it's time for telling 7 things about me!!!

  1. Number 7 is so special for me imp days of my life all are related with this number 7.
  2. I loveeeeeee to eat choclates :)
  3. I am very emotional and excites for even a small thing
  4. I love to have lots n lots of friends who love to have fun.
  5. While blogging i don't like to share much personal about me
  6. I really wait so eagerly for the comments after the post and will enjoy reading that
  7. Love to go for window shopping(every girl likes this).
So come on guys share 7 things about u!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Palatable Eggwhites

Eggs are the best nutrition for everyone..I still remeber my childhood days that my dad used to be so particular about the egg in the breakfast that too boiled egg,i hate to eat boiled eggs that too yellow yolk in the eggs :)Thank god my brother used to share my egg yolk but we used to fight for sharing the egg white that's my fav part of egg..Egg whites are every body's fav and they are good for health n hair also.. So 2day i am going to share simple,easy and fast recipe to spice up the egg whites...

Preparations :

  • Add half tbsp of oil and add some onions and mirchi
  • Let the onions get cooked and add some salt,coriander powder acc to ur taste.
  • Finaaly add some garam masala and garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Fill the egg white with the stuff and garnish with peper pwd and garted carrot(optional)

Do try this Yummy and healthy Spiced egg whites recipes..It's absolutely cholestlor free :)
Delicious recipe for helathy heart!!!!Feed the egg yolks to ur cuite pies ;)

Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art on Short Nail's

For fewdays i have decided to keep short nails,when i cut my nails i usually free the hands from Nailarts..I was in a misconception that only long nails are bang-up for designs but 2day i have given a try for painting my short nails, and it has come verywell..New moms don't dare to grow nails but i would be boring to have a plain shortnails hands,so ladies come on try to emblish ur cute n short nails atleast for a party atleast..Live Up!!!Girls who have a habit of nail biting paint ur nails beautifuly its a gr8 solution for ur nailbiting habit.

I tried very hard to capture the reflections but then i came to know that capturing nails by myself is very tough ;)

Here we the go hand with short nails!!!!!

Finally a close-up click

End-of-the Post Come-on modish ur short nails!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fruit Showboat

I love to decorate zestful food in the plate,that's my favouraite part in the kitchen.After cooking tiresome in the kitchen we really don't concentrate on putting the dish on the plate beautifully..To make ur recipes yummy just Tinsel ur dish and serve then see how people will fall in love with the dish at first look.On the whole for garnishing food we use veggies or sauces,but fruits don't need any extra work to arrange.Colours and texture if the fruits itslef adds glaze to ur plate,specially for deserts.All the thing u have to do is chop them and arrange them differently.This week i was playing with pineapple and strawberries and wanna share the relishing plates :)

Wat do u think of this pineapple heap toped n round in by berry petals :) Drizzled some golden syrup on these red lovlies

Used some grapes this time and made strawberry as the centrepiece

Finally In a hurry have tried a simple and contemporary style..

Not Satisfied with this added some yummyyyyyy to this take a look!!!!!

Come on now grab these Fresh,natural and healthy beauties and make ur plate beautiful....

Hope u enjoyed my Lip smacking Displays...Love to see u back in comments :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Aquatic Beauties at SeaWorld

SeaWorld takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean's door. Exploring the wild world of these mammals is fun!!!I can't explicitly tell about my fav shows there,each and every show amazed me..I really admire the instructors there they were just amazing the way they carry the show,making animals active,inspring pupil altogether they were Rocking!!!
No Need any introduction about Shamu..they blowed away the minds,most popular show in Seaworld n a must watch show!!!There are many amazing pics(wish i would had a spl post for shamu) but i am sharing two pics among the best...

Look at the Welcome Splash :)In the hot sunny day this welcome splash is so refreshinggggg

Isn't this Shamu Couple so Lovelyyyy

Now coming to SLL(Sea Lion Live) they were really like ball of fire..SLL dances,plays,acts,jumps wat not they have done to their max to entertain the audience..

Having fun in the blues on Hot sunny day...

Moving Feet and Body to the music with the beautyyyy...

Body with out bones yet thier shapes are beautiful i.e.. Jelly fish

Polar bear duo chilling out at Wild Artic Seaworld

Beautiful White shark in deep blue 

Dolphin show was a treat to the eyes the entire crew was amazing performers..

The Lady Dressed in Parrot costume was really splashing and energectic..

Penguin encounter was short but sweet :)

Golden fish in these Freshwater Aquarium has given new life to this golden beauty..

So wat do u think fo these mammals aren't they Beautifulllll..........

Hope u enjoyed my pics would love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heavenly Banana Bread

Now it's the season for baking!!!In the freezing temperature baking a soft and fluffy bread is fun to bake.This Banana Bread is a fruitarian cake and it's a like a perfect cake for plant-eaters.I always love to bake this bread as it is so simple and tasty and will finish off the things with less ingredients and with out making messy in my kitchen..If u haven't tried this trust me bake this for ur loved ones and get the cheers.We are hogtied to eat flavourful,frosted cakes from bakery but it's tough to eat the unsavory plain cakes which doesn't have any flavour and frosting..So here is the solution folks this cake is flavoured with banana and tastes better than any yummy forsted cake. We can find lots of recipes but personally i felt Vahchef recipe is the best for this Bread.Here is the Recipe for this Yummyy,Tasty,Fluffy Cake..

Here is the Picture of my Cake :)

Add some Nuts to ur cake it add crunchy taste to ur soft bread...Look at the fluffy cake isn't that Delicious :)

K Amigos hop on to ur kitchen and bake this yummyyyy bread and u will agree with my Title and start saying it Heavenly Bread.

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday/Special Days Alarms Made Easy

Some people just don't hold birthdays,Anniversary or some special days in as high heed as others, some people have bad memories.There is a Popular quote about this Birthday "The Best way to remember your wifes birthday is to forget it once" Lady Love's are very particular about these Festal Dates :)
There are many websites and Social Networking sites which are more helpful for the clean forget people.
When it comes to ur special one it's unfair to depend on such sites and wish them in a group as everybody does.Making a first wish to them will make them feel special,happy and it tells them how much you care about them.

  • Come on now take down ur calender and markdown ur Dearone's Special Day's..

Leafthrough the calender and wish to ur loved once in Advance :)

  • If ur Busy rushing to commute and no time to check these hanging calenders around home or if u don't have a habit of hanging calenders..Here is a techy solutions for my Geek Folks..
Make a Lovely Splashy Special Days Table in your Word Doc and Note down all the dates and print it and stick near ur Desk..












Note down the dates beside the name so its so simple to remeber when all the names are in same page..(I Usually Follow this Technique)

Try these solutions and Wish ur Loved one's with out fail and Make them Feel Special

Don't forget to grab a Gift 4 them.......

 So What do u think of my Plain Sailing to remember wing-ding...Isn't that simple???Love to see u back in comments :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Sankranti/Pongal

Sankranti is celebrated for 3 days,this was my fav festival since babyhood.I am kind of person who wants to celebrate always then when it comes to festivals i will never give up my chance of rejoice.Yummy Pongal,New Movies,Colourful rangolis along the streets and people with new clothes and lots n lots of hapiness around!!!Celebrating pongal in small town is a wonderful experience Haridas visit to each house of town,Bulls decorated in colourful clothing and dances according to the tunes of Nadaswaram and Dhol.Donating rice to the bull men and haridas is fun!!Hold in high esteem all the small town celebration memories.Mom's used to cook all the traditional sweets for this festival and pass to every house.In the city streets we don't see the haridas,bulls and colorful rangolis but the sky is filled with the Splashy kites!!! Young and Old will have fun in flying kites.I am fortunate to experince both the Urban n smalltown celebrations..Ladies will be spreading their art on the streets with splashy colourful rangolis for this festival.They spend hours and hours together to design a beautiful rangolis i don't feel like walking on the streets i just wanna fly and glimpse over the beautiful creative arts!!In western countries we don't have a chance of desiging this rangolis which is very tough in these freezing temperatures.I know this festival is making me talk so much ;).
For many traditional parties they make this creative arts with flowers,dals,glitters...I got an idea of creating a rangoli in my living room,there was an old rice which is lying in my kitchen pantry so i made best use of it.Added some food colours to rice and droped the design for the Lakshmi pooja last year.

To pop-up my rangoli i used white paper.So howz that???

Closer shot of my splashy creation..
What do u think of little,cute colourful Diya's :) 
For this year i am gonna enjoy this white snow Sankranti!!!

Happy Sankranti !!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let it Snow!!!

We have completed the first week of 2012 and going to sew up the second week,notably there is no snow in here!Still the sun is shining bright in the windy city.In full tilt eagerly stay up for watching snow.Love to watch White roofs,glaciate lakes,frosty trees and Snowman's around..Weather Forecast says it's going to be White everywhere this weekend..I wish the snow should be only for oneday can't enjoy it for longtime sply for weekends.So got a idea why should we wait for weekend let in snow on my nails!!!Yes u heard it right snow art Oops nail art on my nails i call it as Winter nails or frosty nails wat ever...

These Snowflakes are easy to art and perfect for my frosted basecoat..Isn't that snowyy??

What do u think of Snow man on the long finger,isn't he cooll with black hat,red nose and black buttons... Anyways he is in the middle of my snowy and frosted nails..

Final shot when all fingers come close,so is my name for this art is flawless :)

Want the Winter wonderland to be landed on your nails too..That's so easy
  • Choose a bright base coat and grab a piece of sponge
  • Tap the polish on your finger with sponge for frosty look.
  • Let the frosty base coat dry and make the art(u can check in youtube for art) that's it..
Hope u like my Nailart..Love to see u back in comments!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Quarter Coin Sorters

Banking mintage is fun,Some have a hobby of collecting clashing coins!!!I too collect the coins but not as a hobby for my regualr chores like Laundry,Tolls sometimes for candymachines ;)Childhood collecting coins for my piggybanks used to be very exciting,recounting them and feeling joyful for the small amount as if we had a heap there wowwww wat a cheerful days!!!!Are u fed-up of searching Quarters in the large batch of change and looking for a best solution to keep out of reach from ur little tots.So today i am going to tell you a handy solution  to store Quarters(is a coin worth of 1/4th us dollar) for your laundry and safe for ur lovely kittens. Coin jars are the best solutions for storing the change in heap.Coins sorters are very helpful to sort the coins and store them in batch but it a big ticket prize for day to day use.

In USA we get Pill containers for the prescription drugs in a drug store so i made use of that.Best solution to make re-use of these containers.The cap is Tight and safe to handle for kids too..So no searching start storing fist of change in these containers.Easy,In-expensive and Seal-tight for ur little ones to reach!!!

My little art on the cap!!!I Knowww i am very bad artist ;) Peel the paper around the container and Just cut a paper in round shape and stick with glue on the cap and notedown the amount stored for easy use..

So folks What do u think of this In-espensive handy coin sorter??It sounds Ingenious right!!
Love to see u back in comments :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bem-vindo ao Rio

Olá amigos!!!!In this post i am going to share a Mind-boggling place.My Hubby has been to Brazil for a Business trip,then for a short trip he pop in to this picturesque place Rio.When he asked me to join with him i thought business trips might be boring so bluntly said No,After looking at the pictures i regret myself for missing the trip.Utterly i enjoyed by watching the Rio city in the pictures.After watching the pictures u will also definetley plan a trip!!!!

Look at the Beautiful city view,wasn't that amazing!!!!!

City across the beaming blue Atlantic

 This Amazement Christ Statue now i came to know why it has been nominated for the wonders of the world.

Look at the other view from sugar loaf Chrsit among the Milky White Clouds,isn't that Awesomeeeeeeeeeee....It is Looking like the Christ is in Heaven!!!!

Sugarloaf Mountain,is a peak situated in Rio at the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Rising 396 metres (1,299 ft) above the harbor, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar.

Look over When the loaf soaked in clouds

Peachy Dark Islands smack in the middle of Blue...

 Copacabana One of the Most Famous n Happening beach in the world which is 4km long which looks like a Semi-Sphere!!!!

A view from sugar loaf

This Splendid Sand Sculpting stole my heart,aren't they Ingenious!!!!! 

Finally Rio at dusk...

Time for Titbit gulp..Imagine tasting the fresh coconut water in the coolll breeze with the beautifull city views huhhhhhhhh Heaven.

So what do u think guys!!!!

Rio Rocks!!!!!
Never miss a trip like this if u get a chance...Hope u enjoyed and treated ur eyes by watching the Beautiful Rio..