Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Friday + Game idea

Curtains are down for the 2012 Friday,are u making this day gala!!!Excitation of Fri eve are always so spl most of them love to have a lazy n cozy eve in this freezing temp.I think most of them are busy to whip new year eve in to shape.People love to tucked up at home and celebrate eve in these frost bound temperatures.This would be a hunky-dory wish for folks who are celebrating white new year ;)Having all the family n Friends for the eve do u wanna hang around only with a good movie n yummy food,do u wish to host some fun party.I am gonna give a witty idea to entertain the guests.Each and every age group will have fun in playing this game.No more Lollygag discussion let me say the name it's "Pin the Tail" i guess may of u have aware of this game.If u don't then u should try this it is real fun game.So here are the things u need

  1. Donkey/Horse sketch
  2. Paper cut in to tail shape
  3. Scarf/cloth
  4. Marker

  • Attach the sketch to a wall
  • Tie the eyes of the person with scarf/cloth
  • Give them the tail
  • Ask them to pin to the horse
  • After they are done mark the place with marker
  • Ask each person to do the same
  • Person who has pinned to the nearest point to the donkey that person is the winner

Idea 2 : If u are good at sketching then sketch a donkey/horse image on the board and ask each person to draw the tail with marker.

Idea 3 : U would like to play as a couple game ask one person from couple to come and the next   person will guide the person to draw/pin the tail.

So Amigos plan ur 2013 eve with some much fun and have a blast :)Love to see u back in comments.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merryyyy Xamsss

Wishing everyone a very Happy Xmas!!!!Days are being so engrossed,clock is ticking for 2012.Can't believe there are still 5 more days of 2012!!Planned for clicking sparkling holiday lights but couldn't click so sending rush of greetings air to ur home from my old album pick :)

End of world in 2012 have created stir finally postponed to 3012 says this pic..This click is making rounds on Internet,would like to share with u guys.Stay cooll and enjoy the extended beautiful years a head.

Shower all the wishes in comment barr!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

GiveAway Winner

Do u wanna know which lucky hand won the giveaway??Cling to the post,gonna say it soon.Reason why i have chosen this day is 2day is my mom birthday,so wanna make some noise in my space on this spl spl day.U all guys know that i am a party fad,will never leave a tiny reason to party.So come on whether it's a birthday, time guys.Holiday mood has breezing in to IMrs.Sending my party butterflies to the lucky charm Mrs now so the name issssssssssssssssssssss Reshma Rao Surabhi. Guess she doesn't have a blog,spread my word thru face book and got a exciting gift to embellish her wrist for these holiday season!!Congratessssssss Reshma.Soon my little butterflies of IMC are gonna knock Ur door :)Take a look at Ur wonderful thing u have won.Thanks for everyone who has participated every entry counts for me.

So Amigos here is my story for the holidays.Windy storms,snowy grass guess this year it's gonna be a white Xmas very excited to click some pics of lights topped of with glory white snow!!!!So weather is roaring loud and saying hey say hello to winter :)

Guys love to see u back in comments!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday 2012

Celebration milieu is heating up,this season has a magic wipes out all the winter blues and give a holiday cheer :) Glory trees,tasty cookies,warm drinks Wat not people will be having a bountifully bash!!!So in this cheer season gonna share my Nov birthday cheer!!!!Every time i leaf thru many birthday ideas but finally fix to my style kind of surprises,wish my posts should be something inspiring to people like who wanna make thier specail ones birthday more special.I thought planning for a surprise party on a weekday would be more easy having a car in hand,but there comes the hard part collecting the things,arrange the thing,pick hus from off and make his day exciting in few minutes of lunch hour is sturdy.So do u wanna plan something exciting for ur partner on their spl day,come on flirt with my idea over here.Birthday means ballons we can hardly a birthday with out ballons,i know wat's running over ur mind ballons for a grown up birthday??Don't think it's a silly idea these ballon idea worked out so good for me,sharing them with u..

My little heart cake for 12'0 clock surprise :)

SO here we go for surpriseeeeeeee

Ready to fly

These colorful ballons have added so much cheer to the dusky afternoon

Watching them flying higher n higher

It's very hard to load helium ballon in a trunk alone.Finally managed with a little cute surprise,wanna know what??Scroll down soon..

Birthday Gift

Yummyyy cake for the chilly afternoon

Time for the spl birthday lunch

Exciting eve cake for the day,wishes from lovely freinds are always spl :)

That's the exciting day in november :)

Love to seee u back in ........................ (guess u can fill in the blank) See ya.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 + chocolate Baklava

We are all very very fortunate to see such a spl day,don't u think :) So on such a spl day how can i miss to post??Many couples are tying knots on this earmarked date.How u guys have spend this day??My day was so busy day in kitchen as always enjoying cooking for serving guests,i lovee that!!!!2day i am gonna share a recipe from my kitchen i.e.. chocolate baklava!!It is a minor change from regular recipe just add chocolate chip to the stuff and drizzle some chocolate suace over the top..Ur kids will say yummmmmmmmmm :)Here is the recipe link i have followed,just add the chocolate chips to the stuff that's it deliciouss chocolate baklava is ready at ur table for these holiday season..So do u wanna check out how my baklava issssss......Open ur eyes wideee,u will def fall in love with it :)

Look at my yummyyy chocolate suace around my plate..yummmmm

Happy 12.12.12 :)Make my day more spl with ur comments!!!

Are u missing something yes Giveaway at IMC..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cantaloupe Delight!!!

Hello Amigos,we are in the second week of DEC i haven't posted a single post yet..This winter is making me sluggish..There is no sign of freezing flurry yet,hoping for a white Xmas this year..Love to see all the holiday lights under the white snow :) Every year i hate to see snow but trust me will be waiting for first flurries don't ask me why??Coming to the story of cantaloupe,this is the fruit i hate to see in my grocery cart,but miracle has been happend on one winter evening that i had fell in love with this fruit.Next day rushed to the store and droped in the cart,mu goshh it added so glory to my shopping basket..Tried out some serving ideas for this delight beauty,sharing my pics so fall in love with my shots here ;)

This Berries has added dashing attraction to the fruit

Fallllllllllll in Loveeeeeeeee with my cutie fruit boat..

shot 2

shot 3

Finallyy the fruit bowl,people who are on diet would be like a tasty delgihttttt everrr (only if they add more fruits)

See ya

Love to see u back in comments :)