Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Luncheon

In this wing-ding season,lots of baking,frying,roasting,grilling,toasting Wat not..Cooking and preparing treats for Perfect holiday times for Family!!!We Queen bees we always bury in cooking for our loved ones :) I always wanna make something spl dinner on Fridays,usually neglects my lunch on Fridays..So this Friday decided to make something fav from my kitchen for myself!!So got to my favvv recipe ever Uggani/murmur upma this is a typical south Indian recipe along with hot hot pokra and homemade lemon soda to chill out all together made my Friday lunch so spll..Come join the club of cooking myself and for this holiday season make Ur fav dishes and treat yourself :) Here is my click for Fridays lunch

Heavennn!!!Gonna share how to make lemon soda at home,it's yummyyyyy

Ingredients needed

Club soda
 Lemon        1 
 Salt             1/4th tbsp 

Method :
  • Squeeze lemon juice and mix it with salt
  • The pour the soda in to the glass by mixing it with spoon
  • Garnish glass with pinch of cumin powder and place a slice of lemon to garnish

Chilled desi Lemon soda is ready at ur table :)Come on make ur holiday season spl for u spending some time for urself too :)

Love to see u back in comments!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crochet Pouch

I just can't believe we are in the last week of Nov,i feel like new year eve of 2012 was like yesterday.Getting back to routine after a long holiday is a burdensome,few more days for dec the holidayyy season!!!!Long xams trees,glory streets,shopping spree love the joyride in the streets and watch the wing-ding season thru the car window(can't dare to step out).Beauty of the light glow more in the snow.Last year was an wonderfull holiday season we had celebrated the holiday season with little flurry,this time i guess it's gonna be a white xmas for sure..By any means to get out this winter blue devils i have accompanied with my old friend i.e.. knitting.What could be so entertaning on a winter weekend night a movie with some hot hot chows.Some times we are forced to watch a movie which is not so interesting,then oneday called the oldfriend out and started loving it again..Now gonna share a cutie pouch,bored up by carrying handbags for a short visit to friends house it's hard to all things in hand..So i have designed this for the purpose..Tried to get some splashy wool,when i was to store in a hurry i have picked which i am not sure about(i do that all the time)..So emblished this grey pouch with some beads and it turned out so beautifully and felt like i can carry this for outdoor shopping too :)

After emblishing it felt like gifitng to a freind,hand made gifts are always so special!!!So Amigos don't forget to enter my giveaway only 22 days left..Win this for the holiday season hurry up..

Love to see u back in comments :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali Celebration 2012

It's the festival of light,we see every house with glimmersss!!!Wish i could spend this evening in my country home..K for Time being gonna glare my house with diyas,candles and lanterns :) Every year i arrange some lights and lit the candles and welcomes Diwali..This year have done something special,when it comes to festival we plan things before like cleanup,cooking etc etc..So this time i have grounwork on something diff,wanna know wat's that??I have baked my diyas,don't be so shocked,yes i baked my diyas..Bought some clay and baked them,driedout,painted and finally enblished it so beautifully!!!Made this Diwali so so special with my self made diyas!!!Am i sounding like overwrought,yes i am so u will be after having a look at my shimmer Diyas..
Can't stop clicking,so finally shrinked them to collage and showing up :)
Pooja Mandir for the day!!!New look for these festive season,hung up the little cute bells,they added so much of divine spirit to my mandir..Wat say???

Center piece for the table for 2day,can't be any flowers,decorative pieces onlyyy lights bring the glory..U will totally agree with me after take a glimpse at my picture over here!!!My diyas reflection on the table lovingggg itt!!!

So showing up my Diyas collage..Open ur eyes wide and start staringgggg

So Finally Sparkles on every nook of my houseee :)

So Amigos Happy Diwali Once again and Don't forget to stop by comment column and drop ur words :) See yaaa

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happyyyyy Diwalii!!!!!

Wishing Everyone a very Happy and safe Diwali..

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fruity Panipuri

Don't be confused or don't frame urself about these puris..Golgappa is my fav fav street food,i know no one can stop with just oneplate..Crispy Puris filled with yummyy stuff,few bits of sweet suace,dipping in a spicy tasty waterr ummm Deeeeliiicioussss!!!These panipuri stands used to be our fun meeting point ,days when we were in hob hunt after wandering in a hot hot sun.Having plates and plates of panipuris,chat asking man over the stand for more sweet suace,onion,puris goshhhh those are lovely dayssss :) I bet every one has alike recaputerd moments..K coming to my recipe 2day,when i first heard abt this recipe i was super excited to try..It turned out sooo yummyyyy i sayyyyy..If ur hosting a Holiday teaparty then sure try this snack bunch of applause in ur bag then!!!Come on now grab the crispy ones break them and fill in the fav fruits and top off so zestfullyyy..

Fruits I Used


Top off with the whipped cream and top of that bit of mixed fruit jam added a extra delicious flavour to my bitess..Choas have a gr8 weekend eat,play,dance do what u like the most and make it up to the fulllllllll.Are u forgetting something???Did u enter these giveawayyy,come on don't take a chance to miss this..

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

1sttttttt Birthday for My Space

Yippeeeeee....Hurrayyy....Whoopee....Yayyyy... My Space is filled with Bounty full of cheers..Come join in the Blissful 1st Birthday of Ingenious Misses Blog !!!!!!Can't believe that it's been a year,With 53 Followers,116 posts,15608 Page views..I am on seventh heaven!!!Till now i was busy in planning some surprises for my loving hubby for his birthday,this time wanna surprise my readers with a cute giveaway..Headway and enter to win this beauties..I am overloaded with these party grindstone..So trying my best to make these post so special..

Come on Blow the Candle and Wish my my Blog Happy Birthday!!!!

Coming to the perk of the day..Give Awayyyyy.Here is the column,glimpse at the beauties and scroll down to enter the contest..I am sure u do that :)

Clouded black with shiny silver watch!!!

I promised u that i am gonna make it special,here is the byte.

Pearly n classy watch band!!!

So here is the list for my giveaway..Watch with 2 changeable watch band..Doesn't it sounds exciting..Yessss If Ur dressed in inky black choose the first one,if Ur outfit is classic white go for the second one!!!Wat do u think???Here is the way to get these bliss full bands with the watch..
My Sincere Apology that this giveaway is not for international readers this time only for US residents..But u can Participate for Ur buddies in USA,i will reach Ur gift Ur pals in USA..So enter this for Ur Chic's in USA

Here is the things u have to do :) Super Simple steps..For US Residents
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So put ur fingers to work and follow the steps and win the giveaway..Love to see u back in comments along with the linksss

This Giveaway is Open till Dec 20th.So come on let the butterflies set foot in ur place with these watch..

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy Days!!!!!

Plz don't ask me what ur slaving for,having a full plate of works for the coming weeks..Parties,B'days,Festive clean up blah blah blah.Key point is that have to do all works done succesfullyy..Novvv it's my fav month,bday's are on it's way.Super excited about this and then Dec month of holidays!!!!!So in these busy days,i am sharing a few chunks of Ingenious part of mine..

Stay and Eat healthy this is promise i have taken myself for 2012,here is the eyecandy strawbeery platter..I bet no one can resist in picking them up.Wat say???

So It's fruit again,but some thing tasty regarding my old post here , boiled up pot again for this yummyy kesari and this time some thing zesty presentation too!!!I am sure u will try this way when u serve kesari next time..Come on it's the festival time :) Took the help of scoops and served this yummyy scoops ever..Hot hot kesari scoops for this chilled weather!!!!

See wat's happening at IMC , new special items are coming thru..It's a season for matching mania.So
check it out and for more updates put a like..It's worth watching out the page :)Sneakpeak of the new collection

While the festive clean ups,i found my old friend..It's in a very huffy with me..K that is my knitting friend..So rushed to the store and got some beautifull yarn and started accompany it!!!Finished up few of them but don't wanna show up,there is lot more to do mumbles my little brain..So will share finally beautify crochets!!!For now here are a sneak peaks

Now i guess have got a answer for the post title,these are my days busy with!!!!How u guys are spending these festive,chilled days..Cheerio for now..See u soon on next exciting post.Stay tuned there is a give away coming up in NOV!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)