Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crescent Fashions

Hello every one.. World is filled with warm orange lights. India Diwali glories are growing where as in US Halloween pumpkins are smiling all the ways!!! I love to watch spooky decorations, I really feel relish to watch them * Am I sounding like spooky* ;) So in this glorious holiday and festive season I would like to share a online Facebook clothing store.. We see many of them like these now a days.. Specialty about these Crescent Fashions is they have a very unique collections which reflects our Indian style, the caption added for this is really a apt one I feel after looking at their collections. People in overseas take a look at this page and Like the page for more updates collections!!!
Crescent Fashions crew spilled their thoughts like this
We are a group of ladies who daily routine goes with family routines, love to do shopping and get materials and design for ourselves.. One innovative lady from the group proposed about this designing clothing who is already skillful in this job.. So here we are, providing unique designs for all lovely ladies over there!!!
Do u found this interesting!! Then hop on to fb page Crescent Fashions here are my few favorite picks!!!

I have my heart in this Jarkan Kundan bridal blouse!!! I am sure now ur heart is also hooked

All sarees are my favorite it is hard to pick one but still sharing one of the best..

Simple and affordable dresses, perfect ones for this festive seasons.. Wat say ladies??

Wat can I say about blousesss I feel like I need whole album ;) Girls are Girls!!!

 So Queen bees, think I have shown a best choice for you in these festive season!!!
Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bluish Green Nail art

Hello everyone!! I am going to talk about colors today :)) We girls are so lucky that we adopt many colors and different shades.. Usually we search for diverse shade every time when we go for outfit shopping. Girls Psyche is so splashy that what ever we pick, it fills in lots of hues.. Everybody agrees with me I guess. When coming to nail color, we give least preference and most of the people so neutral color polish shades. Many will be waver in selecting splashy shades on their nails. When it suits for your outfit why not for nails?? I tell everybody when u have a lovely hues on your clothing try painting similar shades on your nails, they blend so well with your outfit  and give a really modish look.. I always get inspired from my outfit shades and hues.
when I go to store different shades in nail colors attracts me a lot, in fact I bring home lovely hues even with out a thought whether I have a outfit with this color ;) In this post I have tired to match my new outfit.. What can make you more happy other than a new dress :) Wat say ladies!!!
This time I have tried my stamping nail art, this is a really superb one which makes ur job so easy..
Konad set it makes your nails look like a professional  art and definitely a super simple job!!! Stare at my bluish green nail art..

Are u loving it!!! Then grab lovely shades nail polish and beautify your nails matches the outfit hues and be special :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Spicy Puffed Rice!!!

Hii Howdy everyone?? Curious squirrel around mud pots, Goose ramblings in pathways, foggy morning, day is shrinking day by day tells us we are in October. Thought of giving a spicy start to this chilly October!! Spicy, tangy, crispy, what not its a tasty pack in a bowl. Lets hop on to the recipe details

Items needed :
  • Oil                                  -- 1tbsp
  • Peanut                            -- Fistful
  • Roasted chana dal          -- Fistful
  • Curry leaves                   -- Few
  • Chili powder                  -- 1/2 tsp.(adjust according to your taste)
  • Puffed Rice                    -- 2 cups
  • Salt                                 -- adjust according to your taste
Procedure :
    1. Drizzle oil in kadai
    2. When oil is hot add curry leaves, then add peanuts and roast for few minutes
    3.  When peanuts are done add roasted chana dal and fry till they change color (it takes very few minutes)
    4. Add salt and let it be for few seconds and add chili powder
    5. Add puffed rice and mix well with the mixture and fry till puffed rice become little crispy.
Cut some small piece of onions and sprinkle some lime juice over it and serve, every body loves to much such a spicy snack in chilly evenings :) Even u will also, becoz u spend little time in kitchen and more time in tasting this spicy and yummy bowl!!!! Jump in to kitchen and lit ur stove :)

Note : Add onions and lemon juice only before serving, for crunchy taste.

Post ur tasty comments, i will be waiting :)