Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blushy Pink NailArt

 Weather is chilling out.walkways,Patio,Roads,Trees have blanketed with shiny white snow.Gazing at the flurry snow thru window is really a eye treat.Shopping in these below zero temperatures is not as fun as watching it.So here is the shot of my freezy winter afternoon window water dews.Couldn't resist just watching,so grabbed my camera and clicked these moisty snap shot.

Nail Art is the most fav pastime,playing with splashy hue bottles is really funn!!!From Princess bee to Queen bees,Pink is the hearthy fav color.Shake up the pink Nailpolish and beautify ur nails. For these freezy winter party pink outfit,here is my nailart :)

Come on make ur pale nail colorful and allure for the parties :)

Leave a line,will be waiting to watch out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kale&Fruit Green Smoothie

Hola everybody over there,Belated Valentine day wishes people :)Stop marvelling about my unpunctual wishes.I had a rocking last week,Yummy valentine cake with a beautiful gift n pull a full stop to the week very blissful hanging out with friends!!!So coming to the smoothie recipe,it is a super simple n tasty green smoothie i have ever tasted.I know what u guys thinking about what is this kale,is it healthy,what does it look like??Hop on to link here and know about this healthy greens.For this i have used organic green kale and all the fruits  i have at home.Trust me there is no measurements recipe for this.This smoothie is a gr8 healthy kick start for the morning.Guess u can use any greens of Ur choice like spinach.Come on add some greens,fruits and blend the healthy gulp for  the brisk sunrises.Are u curious to know more about Kale. Talking about my smoothie recipe for the day is

Green Kale -- 2 cup
Apple         -- 1/2cup
Strawberry -- 1/2cup
Blueberry   -- 1/2 cup

Blend all of them together,if u need it chilled add some ice while u blend or refrigerate after blending.
  •  If ur trying this for the first time or wanna this on a foodie person add a small banana to ur smoothie then u start saying yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy.
So enjoy the healthy gulps of these yummyy smoothie,coming soon about my valentine celebrations of the year.

Love to see u back in comments.