Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Spring

Hi Everyone, how are u guys doing over there?? From my side i have been eagerly waiting for this April, who doesn't love to wait for such a lovely times having fun with family members and celebrating all the important occasion with them. Don't u?? One more reason this year in particular i have been waiting is Spring!!!! Got Sick and tired of this cold weather, watching pearl white roof tops is fun but not anymore. Springggggg we hear birds chirping instead of this annoying alarm beeps, No pause in getting sunlight they peep through windows and wake us UP, lovely breeze evening walks makes us feel so fresh and comfortable. Oops i am very bad at poems, still tried few lines ;)
This year we had enough fun with this gusty winds *sigh* I am getting ready for Spring, do u want to see how? Then look at my gleaming window what i was doing to make my small brick patio look so interesting in summer evenings.

Cutie blooms makes me feel so refreshing :)

Top view don't ask me what is the plant ;) Surprisingly it started blooming one day no idea last season what was planted in the pot.

Lot and lots of greens in trays, gardening from seeds is real fun watching it blooming from initial is really exciting just realized this season

sowing the seeds, keeping them in warm place and waiting then to sprout O M G... i really enjoyed it ;) These mini tiny leaves aren't looking cuteeeee...

Greennn Greennn every where..

Finding Greens in a green is sometimes lovely, u can enjoy the fun by staring at this pictures..

Isn't that looking gorgeous green leaf in black soil under a yellow pot.

Flower buds beside my yellow flowers...

One more one more...

This is my story about now a days going on, so people if u get a chance do gardening and enjoy the pleasure in doing that its real fun and refreshing. Do u want to know what plants i have planted they are lot more will tell u in my summer posts along with stunning picture shots for sure..

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