Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love on wool

Hello to one more chirpy week!!Temperatures are breaking down here,Wat could be more amusing than home made hot food with a movie for this frosty winter evenings :)Time for winter coats,ear caps,scarfs,shoe etc etc.Everyone would love to cover every bit in the body and stay cozy when we hang out on these winter days.We see many scarfs flashing in stores in a huge array, with diff fabrics n wools.These days scarfs have bigger share for the trendy outfits,so why should we miss a chance to put on these trendy strings on these ice-capped days!!!Usually fabric scarfs grabs my attention,i just love the hues,prints and bit charms that goes around the scarfs.This time when i have been to store some wools has stolen my heart,i just couldn't resist from bringing them home.Large set of collections in store has confused me in picking up the color,finally picked the blooming red.I have no idea what i am gonna knit with that,just grabbed it and bought it home.Finally hooked to an idea of knitting a scarf,a simple one of my kind.Leafed thru many patterns,mixed all thru and here is my blushing red simple knitted scarf :)

Thought of adding some charms to the scarf,but after looking at that felt like it would look more beautiful with out any embellishments!!
Did u take a look at my crochet pouch, made a small version of that.Stare at my cute knitted coin purse :) Isn't that really cuteeeeeeeeeee

So these is my winter love :) So drop ur words on the comment bar!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012&2013 folktale + Nail Art

Hello everyone,it sounds very awful if i say happy new year after these long 20day,but as this is my first post of 2013 gonna start with a wish of "Happy 2013"!!First month of the year is always a sluggish month,getting back to routine after the holiday season of last year and fitting our self for coming year.Xmas wasn't so exciting but bundle of joys have come to home with my brother visit to my place.Had a good family time,this would be the reason i have loved these freezey temperatures.
2013 has knocked my door with fresh breeze of joys,sorrows,responsibilities,inspirations and also sickness.Yes i have fallen sick for the new year eve,thought last evening of the year would spend a boring and routine.Then pulled my socks up,made my colorless eve in to something splashy with couple of friends :)We cooked,ate,played games and finally wrapped up the gala 2012 with a yummyyy hot chocolate cake!!!!Since then i have been bustling buried in the routine grind,finally got some ME TIME!!!!As of now there are no ingenious things to share for 2013,but there are few left from my bygone year which i was waiting to share..i.e.. my heart fav hobby nail art.Painted this for a birthday bash matches my green n silver Indian outfit!!!Do u believe that in 2013 i haven't painted my nails till date,even i feel amazed looking at my ashen nails.For an inspiration for me and buddies over there sharing this shiny green nail art :)

Hey stop did u notice my shiny,tiny silver branches gleaming over my nails..Check it downnn

Live Green,Go Green and paint Green (on Nails not on the wall)!!!!So this was my folktale of 2012 n 13.Signing off with a little promise of lot more exciting post in 2013.

Come on now,its time for u to speak at my comments bar :)