Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where is the Party 2 Night!!!!!

Typically Nights are dim,dull,dusky,dark..But 2day it's a different story This Night Whole Sphere is aroused,folks ready for the wing-ding!!!!Play a loud tune on a paper horn,Blow up a wish for newyear
in a bright balloon and Whisper dreams to the midnight moon. Welcome New born year !!!!When the fiery sun turns into misty night every house glows with happiness,joy rules the air of this night!!Wish the Night should be so Longgggg.When the clock ticks to 12 happiness controls the hour n everybody wishes turns in to flowers!!!In this Cold weatherevery body recieves warm wishes and joyfull parties.Rock ur Lastnight for the year 2011 keep the ball rolling for 2012!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Festive Lanthern

Lights are glowing in apperance for the lastdays of 2011 and also welcoming Genial Newyear :)Lights,Rings and Happy Bells across the snow.2011 has flat-out away days has come brightly and went away camly.Last week is like Sluggish,so wanna add some cheer to this holiday week.Suddenly i remembered about my paper lanthers which i bought from a birthday bash

Looking for the place to cling but i am bored up with snowtheme,don't wanna the freezy atmosphere in the home let that be outside thinking of adding some sparkles to the lanthers :)Will soon post the finished project,not this year may ne Next year ;) This lanthers are pulling out my creative mind and helping me for a good break from the Holiday Slothful..Stay tuned Amigos.

Love to see u back in comments

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Howz my Newfangled template for the blog???Isn't that peachy,elegant,electric,stylish!!!!!!!I have been forage for a splashy fresh template for my blog..Bored up with the Spick-and-span designs and finally Splash down in these Design!!!!The Whole world is Cooling the heels for the 2012 calender to begin new..I 2 wanna upload this perky template for the Newyear but my Enthusiasm didn't allow me to pause..
Suggestions are welcome....

Here is my Splashy pic for my flashy template ;)

Love to see u back in comments!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bosky present

Holiday ambiance every where!!!!!Xmas is over and Newyear eve is coming thru,Everybody is blowing up with joyyy.It's the season for the gifts too we gove and recive gifts santa is his way to back and now it's our turn for the gifts :)It's a Party season will take along a bouquet to greet the host fot the parties,i personally like to gift or recive a bosky present.Posy are beautiful idea to gift or express our feel through the lovely blossoms,which will be fresh for a few hours or few days..Think about a plant which will add some green to our place and lasts forever :)I know in these winter its hard to takecare of these plants,but there are many indoor plants.So come on now start gifting a plant in lieu of a bouquet that can be a bamboo tree which brings luck,money plant,Bonsai plants..Gift the Spring in these winter!!!!!
What do u think of these lovely yellow blossoms!!This was my gift to my hubby on our Marr annuv :)
My Fav Money plant which adds some fresh look to any corner waiting for the crepers to grow high and high!!!!
Add some Green for this Holiday season give a gift of Green to ur Friends,Family Green Green Greennn!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Lights

In this Holiday season every corner is burnished with Lights..In Specie i love to knock around to see the glory everywhere :)Patio,Roofs,Backyards,Decks,Lobby,Parking lots every branch is glittered with lights..Some decorate with stars,some with reindeer lights,some with santa this season is treat for the eyes..I relish the joyride on the roads by watching all the lights.I would like to share some of the glory pics are u ready to treat ur eyes!!!!!
What to u think of these beautifull Skytower in the night lights :)

How about this star lamps aren't they beautiful for the decor???

Even the H2O is glowing with the reflections!!!!!

Look at the Gorgeous Xmas tree dressed up with lights and Large Giftboxs

Even KingKong is ready to hop on the streets of lights

So for this holiday season Gleam ur place and bring the holiday fun ur home!!!!!

Luv to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merrymaking Party

Are u hosting a Party for these Holidays!!!!U wanna host the rocking party with a different game??Usually in parties when we think about games Bingo,Dumb Charades or Antakshari comes in to our mind,many are hackneyed of these games.Guys are always interested in spending whole hours n hours with playing cards meanwhile ladies will be engaged with the Girls Talk sarees,recipes,movies,babies blah blah...I usually feel bored of such parties :( If we host a party that should be like everybody should have fun ofcourse kids will be enjoying with their friends meanwhile....Apart from these mass games couple games will add xtra fun and joy to the party,don't u agree wid me???
Don't ask me the name of the Game,u can name it as per ur wish anyways name is not imp here...
Things u will need is set of bangles and bendy drinking straws.
Arrange the bangles in a plate like this make sure to take light weight bangles..If u choose heavy weight bangles it would be diffucult to hold with straw..
Ask the couple to sit in opposite direction holding this straw in their mouth with the bend side up..(2 straw for a couple not one ;)  )

One among the couple should take the bangles from the plate with the help of straw and put in the other straw which was holded by thier partner...Pics below will make u understand well

Give 30 sec for each couple and the couple who put maximun bangles in the other straw is the winner :)
Doesn't that sounds fun adn romantic ;)Hope u like my idea of this couple game any questions feel free to post on comments..

TIP :     If u have less bangles at home where 30 sec timer will be more ask them to pick only one bangle for each time that would be helpfull for playing the 30sec timer

LOve to see u back in comments 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candlelight Dinners

Are u bored of eating on the same table even in these holiday season want a change???But these chilled nights are making us inactive to hangout in restaurant...I specially love to hangout for the moonlight dinners sitiing in the cozy corners under the moonlight chow down best loved food with our loved ones hmmmm heaven :)
I know these winter we can't imagine about such a dazzling dinners..but u can bring all the same amorous feel in the same old boring dining table yet with some changes..In these Holiday sesaon having a valuable family time is the most excited fun!!!
No need of any dry run just be ingnious thats it take a glass bowl and pour some water drop some flowers or petal and floating candles,lit up the candles and thats would be ur center piece on the table..

If its a spl occasion bake a cake...This was my first baked cake for the candle light dinner howz that??

Having some fresh flowers on the table will cheer up the table

And Yummyyyy Fooddd........

What do u think have a lovely and cozy candle light dinners with ur family in this Holiday sesaon :)

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Journey to Keywest

Xmas Eve is coming close young and old love to spend their time together..Celebrating xmas in a vacation doubles the excitement :) Escaping from winter and enjoying the hot summer brezze would be a gr8 relaxation...These chilled weather remembers me about my summer vacations every christmas we escape this winter and spend few days away from the snow mans..So i would like to share some pictures in keywest island.Key West is home to the southernmost point in the Continental United States the island is about 90 miles (140 km) from  Cuba.Water adventures in these island is a memorable Delecationforever....Snorkel,Parasailing,Jetski,Kayak,Rockclimbing and more we had lots and lots of fun in the island

One of the Worlds Most Spectacular road Trips...The 113-mile (181-kilometer) drive on Highway 1 from mainland Florida to Key West induces sensory overload. Besides the natural beauty along the route—tidal flats, teal waters dotted by distant islands—the so-called Overseas Highway awes you in its own right as an engineering marvel. Its concrete stretches across impossible expanses of water, the Atlantic spreading out to the left, the Gulf to the right.

Driving away from the city life and getting relaxed in the natures u will bag wonderfull memories in these island for sure..

Parasailing in to the sky blue sky,deep blue ocean blue every where just loved ittttttttttttttttttttt.........

Finall Splash in the parasailing is my fav part..What do u think???

Jetsking is another adventure loved to do that...

Snorkel Reef was a gr8 experience that should miss anytime...

So these Island is a delight pacakge for fun if ur planning for florida fot this holidays never ever miss to visit these beautiful Island..
Hope u liked my journey to keywest...Love to see u back in comments

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crochet Rose

Crocheting is my pleasurable pastime,where i love to makes these flaxen thread to a perk up patterns that may be a scarf,bag,cap or a tiny little flowers :)These crochet flowers are decorous to any item very simple to make and remains unique too..U will agree with me if u see the pictures below...I am running out of red yarn so tried with ivory colour,if u wanna make a attempt red would be the best option.For simple and easy instructions hop on to this link.

Isn't that beautiful for my blue hat...

It added more elegancy to my contemporary pillow...

Lovely Hang out for my Hand Bang gives a new look to my old one..

These creamy flower was a pop-up for my back pack :)
Newtouch to my bored wat do u think???

So what do u think about the inexpensive,creative and unique crochet rose??Isn't that a perfect flower to be attached to make ur  holiday gift special :)

Love to see u back in comments...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Excited Beads Expo

Shopping is the bestloved chronic for Women,don't u agree wid me??We turns busy as bee flying from one to store to other on a shopping spree Charging every where..Last weekend went for a beads show shocked and excited to see busy crowds,vivid colours of beads,cushy bangles,flashy crystals,elegant watches it was like a treat to my eyes..Before leaving from home i have decided not to buy anything but after getting there coludn't abstain from purchasing them.Everybody was swinging in the pleasure of shopping if we even see a friend there is no time to even greet them all queen bees are busy in flying.
Kids are not allowed so moms are very delightfull to shop tension free,while husbands do mom's job for those few hours ;)Sorry i couldn't caputure any clicks of beads show i was that busy in treating my eyes..
But i love to share my shopping

We would we more excited to exhibit our items than buying them..Wat do u Say??Red crystals stole my heart,rose pendant and the gold hand made leaf uffff each items are my fav :)

So What do u think about my collection still have to work on bunch up together...

Love to see u back in comments :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tasteful kiwi Display

Would u love to chow down fruit after a luscious dinner...If the plate is displayed flavorsome that would be a real treat for eyes and belly too..Personally i like to embellish food after cooking decorating fruit plate is my favoraite part.The taste of kiwi fruit, which varies from sweet to tart, has been compared with a combination of other fruits, such as strawberries, nectarines, and melons. Kiwi fruit blends well with other fruits and makes a striking garnish, but it is also highly satisfying (and nutritious) eaten on its own. gram for , it is higher in vitamin C than most fruits and is a good source of potassium. They goes well as a topping for cakes,icecreams and many Yummy deserts :)Here are some of pics of my presentation of juicy n tasty kiwi..

Peel of the skin and cut in round shape and arrange around the corners of the plate and use a berry or grape for the centerpiece...

Cut the kiwi in zigzag shape with a small knife and it turns out like a lovely blossom n ready for granish pops up the banana hoop...

Does these banana is the center of attraction for these kiwi blossom

 What do u think about these charming fruit flowers??
Try using some berry fruits they pops out ur garnishes more as i am running out of that i have chosen grapes instead hope it worked well..

Love to see u back in comments

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lable Ur Kitchen

Did u add sugar instead of salt in the curry or viceversa...Most of the time we single out to have a similar jars for storing our kitchen items in column...Women are very inexact about coordinating the things ;)If it's ur hubby turn for cooking labeling ur spice jars will help you eat and relish tasty food..
In Indian aromas there are many spieces,flours and dals which looks similar in texture it is bit difficult to find out what is what for beginners in the kitchen,i still have the confusion.When we are speed in action,when kids bother u while cooking or some sudden guest are in digging up the correct thing is really annoying at times.

Solution no 1 is i picked up marker to lable my jars it's easy but marker doesn't work well for longer time if it is permanent marker if u want to reuse the jar to store for some thing else it's very bothersome job to wipe it out..

Then solution number 2 in a piece of paper marked down the name and sticked it to the jar with glue..later i came to know that it's not a good idea for long lasting..

Solution no 3 is bit variation from no2 soultion
  • Take piece of paper with the help of scissor cut in to rectangle or square shape
  • Measure the paper and cut the cello tape(transperent) bit extra than paper
  • Place the paper on flat surface and stick this cellotape the name should be shown up
  • Attach the cello tape to the jar
The pic below makes u understand well..

Closer look of the lable write down the name in Bold then it looks appealing more...
Look at the lable if corn starch paper should be in the middle of the tape then that would be easy to stick at both the ends..

Hope u liked my super simple lables..I'd Like to see u in comments :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Black & White Passion

Bountiful people love the Old n Classic movies,music,lyrics...When it comes to fashion the olden styles are bouncing back and these black and white style is not my cup of tea :) but this is not the same case when it comes to photography.Eternally capturing or editing B&W is my fav delight.There is some earmark charm in such pictures.Old n classic trend is been influenced these visual art field,the allure in B&W pics is glorious.Not every single shot can't be edited to B&W there should be spl charm lied in the click i don't miss even a single chance for such photo.I would like to share some of my Old n Classic collections

These Strong wall makes me think back about the ancient forts

Even the sun seems to be like a moon through these black bushes...

Look at the rust covered Door Number

Remebers me about Old Classic Rain songs ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed my classic collection clicks..See u back in the comments...Have a gr8 weekend by watching ur fav old and classic movies.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tadka Idly

Would u Like to try a different recipe for Idly,which is simple but tasty from regualr one..Most of the times many don't like to eat Idly..When some guests are in we hesistate to serve idly for breakfast as it appleas to be so simple and plain,but try this recipe they will def like the changes :)I love to experiment different recipes most of the times,i make kitchen really messy while cooking..This recipe i got from my friend Ranjani,when i tried that it turned out very well..Now i don't hesistate to serve idly to guests.
I call this recipe as tadka idly as we add tadka to the idly batter that's all as simple as that.

Things needed :
  • Mustard seeds
  • Cumin seeds
  • Split Urad dal
  • Gram dal
  • Ginger
  • Curry leaves
  • Cashew nuts
  • Hing
Procedure :

  1. Add Little Ghee to pan and roast the Cashew,remove and keep it aside.
  2. Now add some Oil/Ghee add mustard seeds when they crackle add cumin,urad dal,gram dal.
  3. Take small piece of ginger and cut in to small pieces or grate and add to the tadka.
  4. Add roasted cashew and pinch of hing to the tadka and finally add the curry leaves.
  5. Once the tadka cools down add to the batter.
  6. Fill the moulds with the batter and the rest is same as we do for idly.
Depending on the amount of batter add the dals accordingly to the tadka...
While serving add some Ghee to the idly..

Tips: 1. For rich taste make the tadka with ghee/sesame oil.
             2.  U can add grated carrot to the batter if u like.

Try this recipe and feed ur loved ones :)Hope u like my recipe and post me ur feedback in  comments

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No Holiday...

Yes i mean it No Holiday for ur Nails ;)These sesaon there is a break for work,travel,school,brainery etc etc but these is no holiday for ur Nailart!!am i sounding right.We add finishing touches to many things like kitchen,bedroom,garage,kid's room...Oops forgot one imp place i.e.. Nails so come on now beautify with the splashing colours of ur choice..U can enamel as u like even a small piece of fabric gives a gr8 inspirations for the art..Need not be so creative just gloss wat ever come to mind even the bad art turns out like a modern art ;)So experiment all the lovely bad arts Oops modern arts on ur Splendid nails.Here are some of my modern arts on my nails...

Glossy Blue on the nails...

The black and sliver strokes has poped up my base coat

Howz my 3 petal blossom on my white french manciure tip!!!!

Sorry for the low quality pics problem with my old camera i promise u for the crystal clear pics in my next nail art pics...Hope u guys liked my arts,love to see u guys in the comment tab.