Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Colour Rambles

Hey everybody!!! We are in last week of august, this year summer it is a breathe easy one, said no to long drives and  hasty arrangements. Entering in to September, make me feel so excited about one thing i.e. falls color tends out bit by bit!!! Enjoying the warmly breeze, crunchy sounds at walk, wrapping up warm quilts, pumpkin farms filled with gala. Its season we can see orange every where.
Every green grass ways are now crunchy colorful walkways, each lane looks like a painting drew by mother nature. Oops its not fall yet, but still can't stop detailing poesy autumn season!!! This aura take me to leaf thru all my fall albums. I would love to share few of my rambles in the beautifully parks.
This is certainly a pleasured find, in our trip to a park. We just planned a gathering with few friends and have some good time and relax. After watching the fall foliage in the park, we jumped out in joy.
One of our friends who is very passionate about photography felt very glad for bringing his camera, even we are perky about it as we can portrait few golden pictures around us.. Look how the colorless lake filled with amazing fall foliage hues!!!

We haven't cared of capturing some scenic views, we were flying high and busy in fitting a golden portrait's for ourselves ;)

This time its a very well outlined program to Boston, to meet a friend of mine. It was mid of October, its hard to find fall foliage. But this ramble to little nook over there was very exciting. On  our way back from Boston, we were happened to see this golden shady place and spin the steering to this cute nook.

Who doesn't love to have a relaxed chat under this tree with a hot coffee!!!!

Few more

See whom did we meet that evening it added more joy to my excitement :))

So Amigos did u enjoy fall color rambles with me :)) Spill ur lovely words at comment bar. See ya!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clay Agarbatti/Incense holder

Howdy everybody?? Tuesday, waving between Monday blues and routine chores. We are in Lakshmi puja season(sravana masam). Every year  i plan something good for puja, this time got a bit of time ahead and prepared this silver clay Agarbatti holder :)) Why Agarbatti holder??
I have a small silver holder which i never use as it doesn't hold sticks properly and feels lazy to clean powder on floor *sigh* For a make-do i have been using a lovely glass which has become everlasting in my puja room. So i have looking for a big holder which doesn't leaves any mess, what could be more exciting and beautiful than handmade one!!! Here is what i did with clay
  • Rolled out clay
  • Cut them with leaf cookie cutter
  • Made a flower center piece
  • Arranged big ones first, then medium and later small
  • Twisted little bit of tit bit clay leaves 
  • Brushed on silver color which matches my puja room ;)
Doesn't it sound like exciting and easy, gape at my glittery silver flower :))

This aroma and smoke from this gorgeous clay flower, fills divine and room freshening fragrance to every nook..

Leave ur aromatic comments :))

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Merry Berry Nailart

Howdy-do everyone!!I am here with one more nail art today :))This one would be a perfect for sizzling summer parties. Summer makes me think of more colors, but this time chosen beery nail tip with a vibrant orange on nail which match my contemporary blouse for black saree.. Guess there is no need of any particular designs ur outfit gives u a lot of room for getting creative on ur nails!!Just get the details n hues from the costume as i did for this nail art. It was 11 pm, searching for a inspiration for painting my nails for next day party then took out outfit for the day and piece of that got some enthuse to spill some hues on nails. Ceasing my story there and sharing the merry berry nail art!!!
For a berry nail art like this what could be more appealing than a yummmmm black berry

Here is my pack of my nail art, get inspired and make ur nails beautiful!!!