Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mango Lassi

Friday is here,Aye aye aye time for mango's..Best thing i love about summer is mango's!!!Last year this time enjoyed eating the tasty tasty mango's in India :)Badly missing Indian mango's this time wish i could be there for this summer tooo..Hazily getting satisfied with the mango's available here.For this hot hot season most fav drink of ever ones is Mango lassi!!!Mango pure cans are available in market,this delicious drink can be blended at anytime.I surely bet u fresh mango taste much better than pure,just peel off the skin and blend together with sugar n curd then pour the taste quencher in a tall glass and i bet u will never stop with a single sip..Just dropped my cocktail charm (umbrella) in to the glass and gave a professional look!!So take a look at the delicious drink and choke Ur thirst..

Things Needed :

2    cup Mango pieces
1    cup thick beaten curd
1/2  cup sugar (adjust acc to Ur taste)
Ice cubes

Method :
  • Put the mango pieces in to the blender and whip for a min
  • Then put the curd,ice cubes and sugar and blend together.
  • Put in to the freezer and serve chill

Serve the chilled mango lassi for the guests under the sun perfect party drink for summer and garden parties..Add shine to the glass with the charms and make it more presentable..

Tip : If the lassi is too thick just add little water

Amigos stay tuned to the blog a Special and Unique Surprise is on it's way..Don't take a chance ;)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clarion Nail Art

Summer Chimes are ringing!!!Parks are filled with kids,Pots are blooming out with lots of colours...Summer is season of moonlit colors,love the colours of summer clothing light blue,bright orange,refreshing yellow,bosky green and snowy white..Having all the colors printed on a outfit looks so glossy..Painted the summer colors on my nails,looks so bright and refreshing..It's good to have colors on us and in the home,they makes lots of difference in our moods..I know I know splashy things doesn't go well for simple minded persons,but try to have few of the them in the nooks..So take a look at my Summer nailart matches all my summer outfits!!!

Was in bit hurry so little bit sloppy,still looks so trendy right???

So what do u think of my trendy summer nailart??Amigos catch u later in the next post and some earnest things gonna anounce,so stay tuned never miss the chance..

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

City of Fun,Canon city !!!

Promised of sharing the fun,excited,Adventure trip to Canon city...Colorful blooms,fresh breeze,greeny moutains,blueskies,far-reaching bridge this city was some magic of pleasant ambiance.
Most fav thing about this trip is river rafting,it was such a trill and fun!!!First i was uncertain about rafting as i am not good at swimming even my husband(no one to save mee..).The instructor has encouraged and cheered up the team and rafting over the fresh water was really exciting n electrify to share my experince no Confab is enough to say..Another fun is Bridge over there and lot more come on take a look at the fun :)

Helicpoter ride to Royal Gorge Bridge for exploring the vertical limits,went up in to the blues in red helicpoter wass reallyy funnn!!!!

Royal Gorge lovely welcomeee!!!!

This is the White Water river we had adventorous fun...Take a look at the fun narrow river!!!

Take a look at the closer shot

Red mountains covered with green and the vertical long of the bridge and a narrow river isn't this the perfect natures beauty i am talking about..

Look at the view of the bridge it was amazing walking thru the bridge,never miss to take a walk on such a human made wonders..Never dare to look down if ur are scared of heights..

Sky ride fun...Haven't experienced(never dare to also)

Finally back from these exciting city happend to see a beautiful village Salida,didn't think a minute stayed back and enjoyed watching fireworks over the mountains...Sorry no pics avaliable watching watching watching...

Never miss a chance of having a fun and exciting trips like this so escape and relax from the routine grind..Don't take a chance :)

Love to see u back in comments!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picturesque Colorado

Yippieeeeeeeee long weekend is on the way!!!Usually big picture of our long weekend's is travel travel travel.This time decided to stay back as home birds and relaxing..I feel like planing a vacation is fretting Laundry,packing,traveling ufff not really ready,so planning for a short distance beach trip for one day...I was busy with chores,part of it while going through my hard disk pictures stumble upon the Colorado pics..That was a really wonder full trip,U haven't visited Colorado still??Then i can say Ur missing something in life..Breathtaking rocky mountains,Ride on helicopter,Rafting in fresh white water,Royal gorge bridge..That was a bit hectic as we have drived,but after reaching there we felt it was a worth trip of driving for those longg hours..So no more waits will share all my beautiful pictures of Colorado..I was busy in treating my eyes with the scenic views,imagine i forgot to click the pictures so now u can understand how beautiful the place is...

Bare me with the pics have cropped many as i haven't clicked any scenic one..Way to rocky mountains,one of the best drive i have experienced..

Stop by the way to click these beautifull view offf the mountainsssss

Views of mountains in the wayyy

Wanna look at the closer view of these rocky mountains..I am excitedd tooo..Sorry i couldn't share the beauties so perfectly..but trust me it is more beautiful than u can see in the pics!!!!!!

We had a yummyy yummyyy tamarind rice,imagine having yummy Indian food in the chilled weather huhhh Heaven!!!!!

On the way back,wanna stay there wish there would be camping at the snowy rocky mountains..

Driving back was reallyy fun haven't experienced rain so beautifull best ever rain day i ever enjoyeddddddd

wannaaa see more pictures,then have to wait for my next post gonna share Colorado springs picturesss Fun,exciting,Adventure 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

BlackBerry Grape ICe Pops

For the Hot Hot saturday chill out with the home made ice pops!!!!These Ice-Pops takes me back to my grandpa village in summer holidays..We used to but two for both the hands and licking it under the hot sun was reallyy a fun!!!I can voice from ur past too,these pops remembers me a lot of these summer holiday memories..Kids love to have these,even the adults enjoys in the humid temperatures!!
Black berry really have a gr8 health benefits,many of us avoid because of it's taste..So blend these healthy berries and put in the pops u will just love it..I found this in Ikea aren't they lovely and girly ;)


1/2 cup berries
1 cup Grapes
1/4 cup milk
2tbsp Sugar(adjust acc to taste)
Ice cubes

Blend together all the ingredients and pour in to the pops and freeze it for atleast 5 hrs..

Wanna look at the Healthy yummyyy Pops..

Come on blend it,pour it and enjoy the yummyyyyyyyyy

Tip : If it's too hard after taking out from freezer run under warm water..

Love to see u back in comments :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a Passion not Profession

Confused with the post title??It's the caption i have selected for IMC (IngeniousMrs Creations).I didn't foresee of any captions,but many of them arises a doubt about the cost.Here in USA these fancy accessories are pretty costly,most of the time i hangout with these fancy jewerly.For my every India trip i just carry lots n lots of them all the way back..When i went to the jems show last year,these jewerly making idea sparked my mind and i started working on that finally today's result is the IMC. My pioneer package to one of my dearest friend in return i got lots of apprecation from her cutie pie Hasini!!!Her candy-coated words made my day..As this is my first deleviery so planned to pack something different and inescapably they loved the pack and as well the items inside the pack..Do u wanna check out the first and precious package of IMC..K scroll down :)

Tried out some thing splashy but somethings looks great with out any hues..Here is my new signature card,howz that???

Now shopping at IMC has been more easy just mail me the codes (in the pics) of the items u like and the Pink butterflies will be in ur home too!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greens in my home

It's time for blooming ya ya ya...I love planting,selecting pots spruce up them in my teeny patio!!!Love to decorate greens inside the home...It really adds some peaceful n fresh ambiance around the home...When i visit stores indoor plants really tempt me and for sure i will lift a plant,specially the bloom plants..K will share my green clicks around my house n patio..
Remember my rose plant as a Valentine gift..blooms have withered down but still saved for the green leaves after all it's a gift..

My Money plant this plant really embellishes my restroom...

Love to grow herbs,these windy city will not permit so at least summer is my gardening time..Cooking with self grown herbs is really exciting..

Flavour full Mint pot..Aroma is really wonderful

Methi pot easily grown and add flavour to any curry u cook just add few leaves of them..

My splashy pot on my side table..Picked up all the fav colors and stuffed them in a pot like this..

Then my tiny-mini bamboo plants i just love to grow them no need of much care they just grow and absolutely beautify any corner of the house!!!

Finally take a look at this click dew drops on the leaf..

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dahi Panipuri

We are in Mid-may weather is heating up lovingg it!!!!Dusting off all the summer clothes,seeding down plants to beautify my little patio,looking over for the beach vacation yes yes yes summer is fun...Lots of guests will come thru for the summer parties so for this hot hot summer Dani pani puri is the best snack..Myself i don't prefer deep fried snacks sply in the summer..Having these yummiess with masala chai hmmm Heaven..Got these delicious recipe from my most fav cooking site Sailusfood very easy and tasty snacks for unexpected guests and busy bees..Need a bit preparation of suaces trust me no store bought chutneys can beat these home made one..So here is the Recipe and here is my plate full off these purisssssss..

Do u Wanna a bite no wayyy..this full plate is for me!!!I have used aloo bhujia instead of sev here it enriched the taste click on recipe tab hop on to sailus blog and enjoy the delightfull one!!!!

K Happy mothers Day!!!! See u soon in next post Amigos..

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinch Nailart

Ya Ya Ya....It's time for Nailart!!!I love to paint lots n lots of design on my nails flowers,streaks,dots wat ever just love to gussy up splashy..Sometimes having a single color on nails looks good,that too when u pick some diff shade of polishes.So this epoch i have chosen my fav color,but beautify a single finger..Think this is such a coolll idea of making ur nails so beautifullllll.So try this paint ur fav base colour and paint the finger which holds a ring!!It makes ur ring and finger noticed.

 so what do u think of emblishing my ring finger!!!Take a look at my finger u will def agree with me that my idea is brilliant..

Very easy and unique way to emblish ur nails i think!!!!!

So come on try this super simple tip and beautify ur nails..

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Never miss this Give Away

Gonna share a exciting give away from Crafts Artsy Craftsy Mom ...Mother's day is around the corner so wanna spell few words about these Craftsy mom..Play every roll of a mom,Feeds tummy with yummy food,Travels and enjoy the journey with family,Paints this is what i call a Perfect Mom..Have many ideas about the activites for ur cutie pies!!!So hop on this blog enter for the give away and i bet u will enjoy the visit to here :)

So the give away is sponsored from Indya Kaleidoscope if u haven't visited this shop then ur missing some thing..Look at the loevly collections they have..I just loveeee this shop..

Crossing my fingers for the Give away..Wish me luck and good luck to u too!!!!

Last but not least about my IMC did u make ur gold chain elegant with my most elagant pendant...It's worth checking out..New collections are coming thru stay tuned to the page..

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tulips at Holland

Friday evening,by this time u would come to know that i luv friday eve!!!But this evening is clashing it sucks when husband even works on friday evening's tooo :( No complaints for the weekend Gems show is here!!!So planning for bulky shopping for the weekend...This weekend remebers me about Tulips in Holland..This is the last weekend where u can enjoy the blooms..We have been there 2 years back that wasn't so exciting by cause of most of the tulips still didn't bloom..For every tuilp show i have seen different colour of florets,in these trip i have seen many cute household items which are so unique n cuteeee...Wanna share the lovely pics with u so have a look at them and enjoy the beauties!!!!!

Nature has many lovely colours..u will agree with u after looking at this tulip...

Look at the table matches the tulips!!!

This house stole my heart...Don't ask me why??

Look at the cutie butterfly chair set

Kids performance for the day..

Time for the bloomsssssss

I guess they are Newly Married Couple!!!!


If u live near or around Holland never miss to visit these natural blooms in May..Perfect way to start summer vacation...

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