Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Gift Pockets

Last week has flew away like a minute have attended 2 parties n made me feel like the whole week was like a friday :) I love to clock in to parties beautiful ladies,yummy food n creative makeovers for the party.When i want to gift for a party i think of a simple n light presents i.e.. Giftcards!!!Always want to get a giftcard foremost n gift the host with a nice and glazing gift pounches,but always will grab the card in hurry u know how it is wanna get ready for the party too ;)So tried some gift pouches don't have any gift papers so tried with white paper,trust me white papers are gr8 for this pockets u will agree with me after looking at my hip bags..This pockets doesn't need a from tag the cover itself tells the host where the gift is from :)

Take a white paper and cut in to rectangle shape

Place the giftcard in middle and fold on the both sides... and secure with cellotape or glue

At the bottom fold half inch and secure with tape

Grab color markers,crayons and splash ur creativity on this cute pocketss...Here i have drawn some flowers n tied a yarn bit to the pouch!!!!Isn't that bloominggg

Isn't this perfect for babyshower gift pocket :)

Have tried small bags also have a look at the snowy n creative bags..Howz my love bag isn't that really lovely...Hop on to youtube for making these bags,here is the link i have done with.

Peek on to my message bag done with my hand,u can write down any message..

Now final click of my ingenious pockets...Have tried with magazine paper and written happy birthday msg...

So Amigos am i right white paper is the best thing for making these..

Love to see u back in comments :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toothy Tangerine's

I always love to embellish fruits,garnishing these lovlies are really effortless.Texture,color n taste of fruits  itself are the nature's best decorations.This time i selected oranges for the display the color of fruit is a splashy n we can see in many edible arrangements.

Arrange the wedges in a row and make them more edible with pieces of orange peel!!!

Even the orange peel can be a gr8 flourish,u will agree wid me after look at these pics :)

Hearts in orange aren't they reallyy lovely!!!

Look at the blooming peels...

Never throw the orange peels start decorating ur food so elegant and relishing...

Love to see u back in comments :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Nail Art

Feb is month of Love...Red is always cherished colour for Queen bees!!!Recently read an article that any shades of red will suit to anykind of personality..Actually that's true these blushing shades will add more glory to beautiful ladies :) So tried red shade on my nails it turned out very well painted white blossoms on these snazzy base coat..U will agree with me after looking at the clicks...

What do u think of rose bud can't judge which is beautiful??

Now it's time for Pink diasy,have a look at my ritzy nails!!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Valentine fete

There were many misconceptions that 2012 is the year where everything is coming to end,some are saying that it's 2013 or in coming 5 yrs wat ever what i mean to tell is that never miss even a minute to show some love and care for ur loved one's.Well this month i was pouring heart out about the love n care!!!Most of us have cut-and-dried eye on valentine's celebrations is nothing but flowers,candles,ballon,food and heart shape motif around.Yes i totaly agree with the idea every year i arrange the things but make them something different..So wanna see my fete of 2012!!!!

Heart is the motif for valentine so gave a little criss-cross cut to my heart and hanged out and personalized by sticking some pictures..

Check out few more.. Aren't they hanging so cuteeee

 Look at the shadowwwww!!!!!!

Floating candles in a vase as a center piece with heart boxes and cardstock bit as confetti under the red carpet..

Look at the gloom inside the vase from the candles..

Vase with a Floating candle with a bloom and glory stones underneath wowwww

Wanna look how it is all together, then wait for the last total look snap :)

I guess by now u had checkout my lanterns here so bringing all the beautiful together..have a look at the lovely valentine table!!!

Added Some romantic feel to the table take a look

Feel like something is missing around i know flowers my hus bought me some plants which i love remember my post here so here we go my blooming rose and daisy  plants for me with a cute teddy!!!

Roses for me

Diasy for him

Here is the final shot for the day!!!!!

Ahaaa one more finally shot of the yummy food Lecttuce wraps,mangomoose and friedrice :)

So everything is there but instead of flowers,candles,food and heart motif but in my style like blossom plants,candle vases,personalized heart garlands hung and finally yummyyy food.

Hope u enjoyed watching my valentine fete tried hard to cut down the snaps this is the min pics i can post i have clciked around 200pics couldn't resist myself!!!Finally sharing the best-loved pics with u guys..Plan ur spl day with some thing diff :)

Love to see u back in comments

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Sivaratri

Wish everybody Happy Sivaratri.It's fortunate of getting this day on monday so pray in deep and shiva will shower lots of happiness around u.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cherry Blossom Lanterns

Remeber my lanterns here thought of many ideas,but don't wanna spend more on these..Yean to keep it simple but something crafty.Gone through with fine tooth comb n saved a lot of projects,assuredly thought of painting the white-snowy lanterns.Decided to gloss the lamps splashy so simply let the lantens bloom with my paint :)Painted dark branches on the chalky lamps

When i started painting lot of issues bothered me.Can we paint on these paint on paper lanterns,will the paint spread on the paper???These branches turned out very well,want to boost them with the florets and painted the red blossoms on these black branches..

Finally hung in mid-air for my Valentine din-din :) Take a look at the these Cherry-blossom lantens.

U can find these beautiful single colour lanters ar Ikea,party city..Grab ur colour and emblish each corners of ur home.So wat do u think of my blossom lantens,Aren'e they simply spring!!!!

Love to see u back on comments :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely Give-aways

After a short break of V-day,enjoying some free time :) Don't celebrate love only once in a year make everday gala with ur love!!!Gonna post my celebrations soon.Wanna share some lovely give aways of few fab bloggers.Don't miss a chance to win hop on to the blogs..

Craftionary has a lovely 3 giveaways look at the fab items hani have chosen i just loved them..Hop on to the link and grab a chance to look at the beautifull crafts she make u will def fall in love with them.. Those cookie stamps stole my heart aren't they lovelyyyyyyy

Nayana  the blog title itself say she really cherish the blog,live up creativity n dream.Just love the way she decorate the home and clicks the snaps very splashy and brilliant :)She has a giveaway of  My Memories software this is really just amazing very fun to display the pictures..Just loved the Unique give-away..Don't miss a chance ti visit her Shutterbug. Look the way she created  her cuitepie pictures..Have a look

Finallyyy Girl At First Aveunue the name itself is interesting and hop on to this fashion freak blog..Follow her and make ur style more pearky and fancy!!!Look at her latest styles,outfits and acce and u will agree with me that she is a Nifty chic :) Giving a 100$ worth of bottica,stumble on to this beauteous store...

So wat do u think of the give away's Crafty,Fancy and Shuttery different give aways...
Make headway and leap on to this wonderful give-aways and win a chance!!!Crossing my fingers :)

Love to see u back in comments :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Blooming Blossoms,Gleaming Candles,Relishing food,Glowing faces is every thing ready for the din-din...Guys blow-out ur love on this special day never miss a chance to utter ur love and care for ur loved ones!!!White snow and lovile splashy colours around this the valentine of 2012 will update my celebrations soonn..For now wishing u all to make this day more lovely :)

A Click from my Patio hope u liked this blomming snap!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dil Pasand

Remeber the Dilpasand posted here in this post i am gonna share the recipe for all the Valentine's there!!!This was my fav snack in my school days this delight desert is perfect for any occasion :) Name itself says the taste..This is such a simple recipe just baking in the oven and make ur Love's Dil Pasand...I have gone thru many recipes and finally got a video Link from Madhura which she has uploaded as valentines special she explains in such a easy way and i love the heart shapes she made out they are just awesome!!!Perfect for the Valentine's treat,here is  the link leap on to the recipe and treat ur mouth's with this delicious recipe..Here is my output when i tried out..

Here i have used Puff pastry sheets instead of frozen parathas and skipped the chashew and raisins and just added the tuttifruity..Just took the strawberry spread in to small ziplock and made the design on the plate and presented the plate more treatfully !!!

Bounce back and comment me on this wonderful,tasty delight :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Musical Valentine

 All my posts in feb are about the Valentine,hope i am not making u guys bore with the same posy header..No wayy Love is never boring(can hear that) ;)Ready to celebrate the valentine wing-ding,does any party or special moments are complete with out some noise..So Make Some Noise 4 ur love .Everyone of us will have fav play lists,but sometime it's good to hear some of the romantic melody hits under the candlelight's sitting before the relishing food..My Ipoddock is my best sidekick entertains me through out the day..This was my first gift form my hubby after marr :) Do u wanna look at my music chum,k slide down to take a look..As it's month of love added some red and pink embellishment wat do u think of my lovelies over there and don't forget to say hi to my teddy over there ;)

In the busy schedules it's hard to find the fav list of songs and port them to the music docks and play..So here is the solution i am going to share some of the links and play lists and play them on the cozy,cushy,warmly dinner night's for valentines day or it can be any spl day :)

Gonna link some Valentine Play list of Ragga

Hindi :

Millennium Romantic Hits

Collections of 2011

90's,    80's,   70's

Telugu :

2011 Romantic Hits    : Vol 1   Vol 2

Chirta's Melodie Hits : Vol 1  Vol 2

ANR Hits                    : Vol 1  Vol 2 

Tamil :

Ilayaraja's Love Path

Maniratnam Hits 

2011 Valentine Hits

So Musical Valentines enjoy the Quick play lists links of the songs(I usually hear to these languages)..For more noise hop on to the Ragga and jazz.

Love to see u back in comments :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make ur Edible Bouquet

As i have promised here i am going to tell u how i have done the edible arrangement..It's so simple and can be done with the things in the kitchen.All u need is Bamboo skewers,Green foam pot inserts,fruits,cookie cutter,pot.
  • Rinse the fruits under freshwater and cut the bamboo skewers according to the lenght of the pot.
  • Insert the foam in the pot(If foam is not avaliable u can make use of chapati flour) and insert  the fruits to the skewers as shown below..

  • With the help of cookiecutter cut int to desired shapes of the fruits.Here i have used Pineapple :)

  • Arrange them accordingly and Display it elegantly for the fresh look arrange the fruits in the pot before displaying..

Note :
  • U can use Diff colours of fruits like Pineapple,honeydew,cantalopue and watermelon for this bouquet which would be more appealing and fresh.
  • If u cut the Pineapple in the flower shape use grape or berry as center or make the centre using melon baller
  • Take choclate chips heat them in microwave and dip the fruit in the choclate suace for xtra elagnace.
Finally the output would be the Fresh n Edible arragements :)

Love to see u back in comments :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day 2011

I would like to share my valentine fete 2011..Every year i will be giving surprises but last year that was diff he has bought me a surprise cake and my favv choclate and i was thrilled and overwhelm :) Many thinks that Love before marr would leads to Happy Married Life but acc to me there should be some love and care between the realtion for ever it leads to a life long good relation..K k i don't wanna tell more philosophy on this anyways i would like to share some of the happy moments of last year, hopefully for the later on years it would be the same :)
Take a look at the yummy and jazzy cake bought for me

Wanna take a look at the darling cake...Look at the pink and white layers on the right corner :) do u want to try the same hop on to link here. Applied the whipped cream and decorated milky cake with lovely red jam...

After the tasty dinner with Fish pulusu time for the Ayengar bakery desert(Dil Pasand)..Will soon post the recipe soon...

Here is final shot of the Table.. Oops picture is not so clear but u can still enjoy it

So howz my celebration of 2011..Hope u liked it :)
Love to see u back in comments...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Camera-eye

Some time it's good to recapture some best-loved pictures :) For every occasion,vacation,events we capture lots of clicks in the camera,but in the camera-eye there would be some best pictures all the time..Many hang their cherished pics on the walls.Adding Special effects to special pictures is more fun to watch.For this red-letter day get a load of all ur adored snapshots and make a collage.I have added some wing-ding in picasa with Picnic(u can see the icon in the first tab).

Are u not intersted in looking at the clicks in lull,so come on now grab all ur fav one and make a movie and add ur fav song to it.For ur easy tips hop on to this link.

If u wanna have more fun in making the video try the Onetruemedia i am sure u will love making the video :)

If u wanna make a simple and easy slideshow hop on to Tripwow.Can't post the tutorials for the wonderful links,i suggest to check youtube for better understanding.

So come on now recollect ur camera-eye and make a beautiful output of video of ur choice and nake ur Special day,extra special day :)

Love to see u back in comments

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Nailart

When ur food,home,clothes.... are expressing their love towards him why not nails??Let the Nails also whisper some love when he holds ur hand!!!!K i know many are thinking that no we usually don't do such things because we are not newly-wed or look we have 2 kids,Point is so what...It may be many years sometimes expressing ur love and care will feel them good sply in this overloaded days.Valentine is not meant for only partners,it's like the love between any realtion ship..Let the kids also involve in these special,lovely,brisky arrangements and let whole family fall in love.Express ur love infront of every one with these lovely nailart's to ur best half (howz the idea!!!).

Here is the blush colour lovely art idea for this valentine day :)

So what do u think of my hearty thumb nail???Click of whole hand now..

I know the heart shape is not perfect,but some times flawed arts also looks cute!!!

Hope u Liked my Lovely art!!!

Love to see u back in comments :)