Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Table

Populace are swinging in Holiday's atmosphere,i can't believe that we are entering to the last month of 2011..November has flew way with all the vacation trips.So December is a Holiday Season,very excited to see all of ur's festive decorations,xmas tress,lightings,party recipes.....These season we spend lot of valuable time with our families,freinds and with near n dears :)Cooking fav recipe for our beloved  ones is the gr8 joy for the persons like me..Apart from cooking if u arrange the table with some lovely centerpieces of ur choices will add more elegance to ur regular,boring... dining tables ;)I know many of u are busy with regular chores so no time for decorations,but a super simple change will make much difference.So here i am presenting the super simple vase arrangement with 2 beautifull roses filles with decorative gel beads..
These decorative gel beads are different from regular kind and pop up ur table by filling colour if ur choice u can try multi colours also ;)

Here i have filled my vase with white and aqua blue isn't that coollll they look gr8 even with out any flowers..i grabbed these vase from my sister party arrangments it has got a blue n whit theme so we have selected these colours..If ur table is large arrange 3 to 4 in a line that's it ur table decoratin is done...They can be suitable for any party center piece like kids b'day,annuv party,potlucks etc etc...Guys come on now splash ur table with these colourfull n creative vases :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Paper Bows

Gifts Gifts Gifts these holiday season we recive and send many gifts..There are many stores which sells Gifts for her,Gifts for him,Gift for parents,Gifts for sibilingss...I am very meticulous about wrapping a gift n love to do that.The wrap itself tells the person how special you are :) shell out some time to wrap ur perky valuable gifts with ur hands and make the gift extra special.So i am going to show you super simple craft i.e.. gift bow with paper which is inexpnesive,easy,unique...It can be done in couple of minutes adds elegance to ur gifts.

Things u Need :
  1. Magazine r news paper
  2. Siccors
  3. Tape or glue
  4. Stapler
Method 2 Do :
  • Cut the newspaper in to 9 long strips.

  • Divide the strips in to 3 equal parts,then short the second set of 3 by 1 inch,the rest 2 by 1and half inch and the last one by 2 inch short as shown in the pic 

  • Fold the paper strips inside and outside make the bow shape and staple or tape it
  • Make 8 bows and last one make in a circle shape as shown in the pic

  • Now take the larger one first and arrange them in a shape and staple 3 together
  • Arrange rest of them and staple them together and place the cirular one on the top

That's it as simple as that u can make many in minutes
U can use scrap paper,gift paper to make this bow more beautiful...This would be a gr8 holiday craft for kids so come on now grab some newspaper and make these super simple bows...
More Gift Wrapping ideas are coming Stay Tuned Guys.I would love to hear ur comments or questions below..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photography Passion

A Picture is more than just a gift to bring or send..I would love to kill my hours n hours of time by watching,clicking n editing the pictures.Camera is my best buddy in which i capture all the important moments :) Not only imp movements also the thing which are beautifull around me flowers,water,cars,roads,food,landscapes....No Matter how small is the occasion i love to click n store in my albums..Photograph is some thing to adron a wall,desk or display it to one and all. Cherishing the moments by looking back our old or new photographs is a kind of relaxation.Preseving some best-loved pictures that may be with ur spouse,dad,mom,sister,brother,grandparents who ever is a good hobby...
As that's the first b'day of my SLR(sounds crazy right) i would like to share few of the best pictures clicked by me ;)Nature Photography is my fav

This was taken in my Kitchen sink from the Dripping tap,Guys try with ur slr u will see some gr8 output pictures

These Peachy roses are gifted by my lovely husband on my Birthday...sprinkle some water on flowers and click a close shot the result will be as above ;)

Leaves are floating down some are red,brown will falls down,green one's are the best n lively to look around...Botanical Gardens are gr8 places for capturing some natural pics...
They Could be a attractive center piece to a table,bouquet but love n wish to see them as a centerpiece for the rivers n lakes in a bunch...
These distinctive dried seed heads, which resemble the spouts of watering cans are used for decorative purposes,in dried flower arrangements..

Capturing water is a gr8 fun that may be rain,waterfall,rivers,oceans,beaches,water drops etc etc anything would give a splendid output..Hope u enjoyed my pictures lokking forward for ur comments ;) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping Fever

Black Friday gonna turn up soon!!!!Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, many retailers open very early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season, similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth countries. These Day has been listed as the busiset shopping day of the year.

Friday is my best-loving day in the week,when it comes to Thanksgiving Long weekend my hearty most fav day for shopping.If u ask what would you prefer Shopping or Vacation,i would say shopping ;)if u get a chance for both then its a double treat!!This would be most fav long weekend for the family..while mom's are busy with shopping,kids will be enjoying their sleepovers parties,spouse will be busy in catching a gr8 deals for gadgets ;)This Thanksgiving i am gonna taste the shopping in wind,no jackets,no caps ufff good break from winter :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vacation Mood is "ON"

Done with the packing for my holiday n can't wait to land on the astounding city LA..Now It's time for the fresh Nailpaint,its a funway to spruce ur outfit.Selecting colours for the vacation's nailart  is bit confusing...Yellow,Pink,Blue,Red,Orange,Black ufff no clue single colours doesn't go well for my long vacation outfits.Now its time for experiment multi coloured nailarts that goes well with the diff shades...Beautifull nailart is in the list of ways to look good..
So Here we gooo

These Multicoloured strikes def fussy for ur multicolored rig,silver colours in between adds elegance to ur art.

Pink Is the Hot Fav for Queen bees..most of our outfits are shades of pink,so u can try this peachy nailart for ur Pink rig.

Finally My vacation Nailart is gonna be....frosted multicolour nails!!!!

All the Favouraite best loved colours in a single palm,dosen't that sounds exciting!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Delicious Idly Manchurian

Yes u Heard it correct recipe for idly manchurian.Ur Left over idly are lying in the fridze,Does ur kids hates eating them try this juicy n crunchy snack recipe,i am sure they will ask for another plate.One of the best recipe for left over idly,Feed ur loved ones n ask them to guess the ingredient used!!!

I have got this recipe from Sailu's Food. Here is the Recipe def worth trying these recipe.Taking This as an oppurtunity i would like to thank Sailu for her yummy n delicious recipes..

Here is the Pic Of my Finger Licking Idly Manchurian

Dash Of Lemon Will enrich the taste....What do u think about Garnish???

 So What do u Think????Try recipe n come back n post ur feedback for sure ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plan a Vacation

I am very fond of Vacations n would love to spend long long holidays..Planing for a holiday will doubles the excitement...don't u agree wid me!!!Refreshing Breeze,Xploring attractions,Sandy beaches,Perfect skies of blue...uffff lots n lots of fun :)

For every vaction there are some imp things to carry out some times we will miss the most imp stuff to carry,so here i am going to list some basic imp stuff to Carry.Shutter bugs like me never ever miss to carry a Camera fully charged.

 Roadtrip is little boring if i have steering in my hands  scanning,changing lanes is bit stressfull when we are in vaction mood.I would love to sit beside enjoy the music,enjoying secenic drives,clicking amazing views is what really wish to do in my road trip ;) Carrying some snacks,choclates,chewing gums n ur fav music playlist will add more fun..GPS is the thing which i need not mention but loading the destiny adress will help u to get more easily

A Day at the Beach:

Splash,Swim,Surf there's no better way to spend a hot summer days.Most Imp thing to carry for these vactaion is sun screen,towels,extra pair of dress,Flipflops(hate to wear shoes) n a body wash to take a shower.I Sitdown to watch the shades of orange,yellow all come out because of sunset ;)

Long Vacations:

How beautifull it is to do nothing n resting afterwards!!!If u are flying for a long vacation  its better planning from a week a head look out the attractions,best places to visit,check out the weather n plan accordingly.Be sure of taking an extra pairs of dress,travelling pouches,sunglasses etc etc..

Winter Vacations:
Vacation in winter will add more fun with sking,snow tubing never experinced such vacation but loved to.. be sure to take wintercoats,mittins,caps,shoes,scarfs...

Things in Travelling pouches:

These Pouches are filled according to their personall needs,so i am lisiting the basic things to carry
Make use of ziplocks,poly zip envelopes are also great for a travelling pouches..
Moisture cream
Sun screen
Deo or Perfume
Ear buds

 load ur adress in GPS or store in the notes of ur mobiles..So planning for a vactaion no worries visit the blog check the list and i am sure ur loved ones will say ur "IngeniousMRS":):)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paint on Ur Nails

We girls are very particular about the matching from head to toe like handbag,bangles,bracelets,chains,earrings,sandals etc etc...then why only single boring coat on ur nails.Paint ur nails in diff shades,flowers,strikes that matches exactly to ur dress.Here i would Like to share my another set of  Nailart's
Splashing Colours On The Nails
Fav Hot Pink
Cute Rose Buds
White flowers adds more elegance to blue base coat 
Splendid Red For ur Lovely Nails
Hope u enjoyed my arts,decorate ur nails :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yummy Oats

Are u bored up with the regular oats recipes???After trying my recipes u will be a great fan of Oats :)
Oats Fruit Salad
Things Needed:

Milk              1 cup
Oats              2Table spoon
Custard pwd 1Table spoon
Jaggery(as per ur taste)
Elachi pwd
Fruits(as per ur choice)
In This Recipe i used strawberry,blueberry,pears,apple n orange(should remove the skin)
Guva,Pomegranate,papaya will be fine if avaliable
  • Boil the milk in a bowl
  • Add the oats and boil it for 5min
  • Add the custard pwd(mix with some milk to avoid lumps)
  • Bring that to boil n add the jaggery
  • Add Elachi pwd and switch off
  • Take another bowl and cut all the fruits and add the boiled oats on top of the fruits
  • Add honey on top of that
  • It can be served hot or chill
Desi Style Oats :

Recipe :
Bring ur Sambar to boil n add the oats to that and boil it for another 5min
Add dash of salt and serve hot.

Note:This same recipe can be done with rasam n tamota dal(add some water water to dal)
Variation in milk oats Recipe:
Add Some Jaggery or honey insted of sugar.
For extra taste roast some dryfruits in ghee and add to that
U kids will love this and a quick,easy n healthy snack for Super mom's

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautify Ur Kids Birthday

On this Children's Day i am here to share some decorating ideas for ur little princess n little Hero's.Celebrating kids birthday parties will give a excitment both for parents n kids too..if it's a FIRST birthday then parents are more curious to decorate in a unique way for their little one's.Its bit easy task for Grown-up birthday's decorations as the themes are chosen according to their choice :)
Decorating can be done many unique ways but for kids decorations the best decorationg element is ballons they love to see them at party and are safe as well.Many have a impression that decorating with Ballon is a boring n old idea,but u can create many electic deckors with these ballons.

I have spl Love on these Arches Ballons

Ballon Columns Give a spl focus in the corner of the room :)U will agree with this when u see this pic
Ballon flowers are easy n splendid decoration idea for a kids party

 K then come on now be creative n make ur kid's Birthday party memorable with ur Arrangements :)
More Ideas for Birthday Decorations are coming soon Stay Tuned

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Machinate This Weekend

Hi Folks

TGI Weekend having brunches,watching a good movie,cooking,shopping n relax relax relax...then all of a sudden we remeber about the chores then the excitement comes down..If we do a simple steps will reduce our work easily n trying new things will give us a excitement.I wanna share a simple n easy machinated tip for the cables lying down.This can be done with the Office supplies avaliable

Isn't that so simple solution with the Binder clip for the charging cables :)

Lable the Cables with the marker if they are similar

Friday, November 11, 2011


11.11.11 can be seen in once-in-a-century.This day inspiring many for weddings,engagements n also many are planning for caesarean.Birthday's this year will become a extra spl Birthday n they are fortunate to celebrate on this very rare day ;).On this spl day i would like to share one of my craft i.e.. nylon stockings rose flowers.

Queen Of Rose

If U Like to Gift a rose boquet that lasts forever This flowers are ur perfect choice don't u think so!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet Fasting

2day Is an auspicious day i.e.. Karthika Pournami on this day we worship Lord Shiva and lit diyas in the temple.Tough Part of this pooja is abstaining from Food till evening ;).In the evening after shower we have to lit deepam n pray then we have to take some Food with Out Garlic n Onion.Cooking with out Garlic n onion is a bit effortfull job for me :( so i was searching for some recipes then suddenly a tought flashes my mind that we can have many yummyyy sweets so that is the reason i am happy for these fasting.Here i am posting few of my sweet cooking pics u can get the recipes from many blogs,webpages n youtube.I will link my fav recipe or video to each one will add some tips from my side hope that  helps so Happy Sweet Fasting Ladies ;)

Baklava :

Middle Eastern Sweet very easy to make and its diff from regular sweets so i am linking up my  FavRecipe .Do try this u will def get a applauses from ur loved once :)
Tip: 1.As walnuts are outofstock i have used only badam n pista still it tasted yummyy :)
        2. While baking the sheets soon when u see golden brown switch off the oven if u wait till dark brown the bottom of the baklava will burn

Rasmalai :
Yummyyy  Bengali Sweet n My Hearty Fav Sweets my fav recipe link is Vahchef explains the recipe so elobrately and makes the job easy :)

Tip:    1.Add Enough sugar to Rabri
            2.knead the panner dough more if u don't get a smooth balls
            3.Make sure that paneer is very soft .

Very Very Simple n Quick recipe which u can prepare in a snap.I guess everybody knows the recipe so don't wanna post any recipe but tips are included below ;)
Tip:     Adding Mtr Badam Mix n Sabudana To this will give a extra rich taste :)

See the pics,check the recipes, note the tips and cook for ur loved ones n urself as well have a sweet day :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Splendid Nails

Hello Amigos
Nail Art is one of my passion which turns me on.Having art on the beautifull nails adds some extra elegance for your party makeover,and i feel girls are lucky to have a chance to paint their nails :)So now come on draw some lines,flowers... what ever u want,u need not be creative just draw with ur brush wat ever comes in ur mind.There are so many NailArt brushes avaliable in stores i am sharing some of my splendid Arts,Hope u guys enjoy watching these ;)
Flipside Nails

Love Da Basecoat Colour

Blue Ice Nails

Red n White My Fav Combination

Animal Print French Tip