Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clay/Painted Candle Holder

Hellooo everyone over there!! Howdy guys?? Please apologize this lazy blogger*sigh* Didn't even come to notice when September has come. Suddenly got a hiccup then realized my blog is missing me, so i am here!! In these hustling days, stretched my craft time and again rolled out clay. Every time when i go for home d├ęcor shopping most of my picks will be candleholders r lanterns, i get easily bored with these holders and hunt for new again every time i visit. For me if we lit candle in candle holder whole space should be bountiful glorious!!! After few trails, finally baked this sketchy one. For making it more showy painted some hues on my imperfect candle holder like this :))
Glare at my homespun holder, captured every detail of this candle holder!!!

Look at my in and around glory in candle light

Now its time for exterior look, eye at my splashy flowers over there!!!

Inside look at daylight now..

Finally shot, u will just loveee it :))

Spill ur comments on these imperfect candle holder!!!!