Monday, December 26, 2011

Bosky present

Holiday ambiance every where!!!!!Xmas is over and Newyear eve is coming thru,Everybody is blowing up with joyyy.It's the season for the gifts too we gove and recive gifts santa is his way to back and now it's our turn for the gifts :)It's a Party season will take along a bouquet to greet the host fot the parties,i personally like to gift or recive a bosky present.Posy are beautiful idea to gift or express our feel through the lovely blossoms,which will be fresh for a few hours or few days..Think about a plant which will add some green to our place and lasts forever :)I know in these winter its hard to takecare of these plants,but there are many indoor plants.So come on now start gifting a plant in lieu of a bouquet that can be a bamboo tree which brings luck,money plant,Bonsai plants..Gift the Spring in these winter!!!!!
What do u think of these lovely yellow blossoms!!This was my gift to my hubby on our Marr annuv :)
My Fav Money plant which adds some fresh look to any corner waiting for the crepers to grow high and high!!!!
Add some Green for this Holiday season give a gift of Green to ur Friends,Family Green Green Greennn!!!!!