Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picturesque Colorado

Yippieeeeeeeee long weekend is on the way!!!Usually big picture of our long weekend's is travel travel travel.This time decided to stay back as home birds and relaxing..I feel like planing a vacation is fretting Laundry,packing,traveling ufff not really ready,so planning for a short distance beach trip for one day...I was busy with chores,part of it while going through my hard disk pictures stumble upon the Colorado pics..That was a really wonder full trip,U haven't visited Colorado still??Then i can say Ur missing something in life..Breathtaking rocky mountains,Ride on helicopter,Rafting in fresh white water,Royal gorge bridge..That was a bit hectic as we have drived,but after reaching there we felt it was a worth trip of driving for those longg hours..So no more waits will share all my beautiful pictures of Colorado..I was busy in treating my eyes with the scenic views,imagine i forgot to click the pictures so now u can understand how beautiful the place is...

Bare me with the pics have cropped many as i haven't clicked any scenic one..Way to rocky mountains,one of the best drive i have experienced..

Stop by the way to click these beautifull view offf the mountainsssss

Views of mountains in the wayyy

Wanna look at the closer view of these rocky mountains..I am excitedd tooo..Sorry i couldn't share the beauties so perfectly..but trust me it is more beautiful than u can see in the pics!!!!!!

We had a yummyy yummyyy tamarind rice,imagine having yummy Indian food in the chilled weather huhhh Heaven!!!!!

On the way back,wanna stay there wish there would be camping at the snowy rocky mountains..

Driving back was reallyy fun haven't experienced rain so beautifull best ever rain day i ever enjoyeddddddd

wannaaa see more pictures,then have to wait for my next post gonna share Colorado springs picturesss Fun,exciting,Adventure 


KParthasarathi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow That was a great visual treat.I have heard that the place is thinly populated and mainly tourist attraction.Denver is well known no doubt.
Looking forward to the promised pictures in the next post.

Purvi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

enjoy your relaxed long weekend :)