Friday, July 26, 2013

Chillyy Sip

Golden Sunflower, Vivid Daisy, Yellow Coneflowers, Butterfly Weeds every corner looks like a jazzy centerpiece's!!! That's the beauty of summer, glistening sunshine below the blue skies and above the green grass :) Summer Fridays are real fun, more time to hang out. Only word u hear in hot summers are "Drink More Water". I am not goanna bore u by spilling all the benefits of H20. Still i am here to talk about how to make zero calorie water to -ve calorie water :)) Drop off these healthy tit-bits in ur water bottle and sip all the negative calories!!

Dew Drop the leafy mint, stare at my green glass!!

Sunnyyy lemon slices in a freezing glass, i say it yummmmm

 The name itself says cool, yes its cucumbers it really give a cool look for my water jug too!!!

So these are my ideas for sipping water under hot sun :))Love to see u back in comments!!!Have fun Amigos.


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Now...are there so many ways to drink water without calories? Looks enticing too!