Monday, February 10, 2014

Punugulu with Idly Batter

Hey everybody!!! Reclining back from weekend bliss and recoup in to weekday routines, is what Monday :) Punugulu is a favorite and easy snack every one love to have this crispy crunch's for chilly evenings. Idly is the most common breakfast we can see in south Indian houses.. Steamy, white and soft breakfast with spicy chutneys is a perfect morning breakfast!! After trying this snacks, this would definitely favorite evening time snack.
With left over batter add some
  • Maida(All purpose flour)
  • onions
  • green chili
  • cumin seeds
  • coriander leaves
  • curry leaves
  • Ginger(Optional)
  • Salt

Adjust Maida according to the crispiness u need, add all these ingredients and make in to a thick batter. With out using hand I used ice cream scoop to make it to a perfect round ones :) U can try that too, with out making ur hand messy, so that pick up few of them mean while frying and getting ready for next batch. Serve with chutney or spicy powders. U can try this with Dosa batter too, but with idly batter u get the crispiness and bit different taste. So try out this yummy and easy making snack, u can ask your partner to make this snack for u on a lazy evenings when u want to enjoy something hot and tasty :)


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My daughter makes this frequently!!!
With chilly sauce this is yummy