Thursday, March 27, 2014

Valentine Day Gala 2014

I know you guys are wondering we are in last week of march and now i am talking about valentines day, just chill i am going to showcase my celebrations what i did for this year :) So recline for a while and enjoy the tour and story for this 2014!!!
As every year, this time i wanted to do something different in giving him a surprise.. So this time tale goes like this
there are 'some lights but very dim n clam', there are 'some flowers but they don't give any aromas', there is a 'gift which never ever stops working like my love', prepared a 'cake but haven't baked it at all' and finally table for two with lots of love and ingenious things around for "HIM" from his "INGENIOUS MRS" ok enough of puzzles i am going to show u the jubilant evening

First of all i got a thrilled surprise from HIM in the morning

What could give more joy other than a aromatic red roses :) (which was hided for me in garage whole night, poor ones) and yummyyyyy candyyyyyy

Now it's time for Kala's show, get readyyyy

My dim and calm tea lights around glowing and reflecting all the smiles and joys in our faces ;)

Flowers but they don't give any aromas, stare at my lovely hand made roses..

wanna see more shots of these lovelies even i would like to showww

Look how they are glowing under candle light, i am lovinggggg it !!!! Are u???

Cake but haven't baked it at all, u wanna seeee my milky white cake with a nice heart design on it ;)

Wondering what is this cake made of ;) OK i will tell u this is coconut barfi (a super easy making dessert) topped with almonds for garnish.. Couldn't wait till clicking a snap so grabbed a small yummy piece mean while.

My sketchy decor for him :))

Wanna see what is the gift, it's CITIZEN ECO DRIVE watch.. Remember what i said before "gift which never ever stops working like my love" becoz its eco drive ;)

Ok Now it's time for gleaming at Table for Two look!!!! Isn't this Awesomeeeeeeeee

Stare at the top view, all of them together :))

Little tiny messages in between expressed all my feelings for the evening, showing how happy i am!!!

Few moreee, even the heart boxes added lots of glory and beauty to the table :)

Can't stop focusing on my roses, after all i have spend moreee time in shaping them for my special evening :)

Pink is my favv, no no orange haa may be red oneee *sigh* all of themmm is my favvvvvv

So here is my Valentine Celebration of 2014 :)) What do u think?? Write down some lines for me at comment bar, don't forget to mention about my roses( just kidding)


KParthasarathi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I don't know why you took so much time to post this grand celebration.Whatever,it is fabulous and shows the care and time you have taken to make it memorable and colorful.
Keep posting oftener than you do presently

easyfoodsmith said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The romantic in you did a great job! Stay blessed :)

Cloud Nine said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow! Looks so romantic :) Hope you both had a happy V Day!