Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yummy Oats

Are u bored up with the regular oats recipes???After trying my recipes u will be a great fan of Oats :)
Oats Fruit Salad
Things Needed:

Milk              1 cup
Oats              2Table spoon
Custard pwd 1Table spoon
Jaggery(as per ur taste)
Elachi pwd
Fruits(as per ur choice)
In This Recipe i used strawberry,blueberry,pears,apple n orange(should remove the skin)
Guva,Pomegranate,papaya will be fine if avaliable
  • Boil the milk in a bowl
  • Add the oats and boil it for 5min
  • Add the custard pwd(mix with some milk to avoid lumps)
  • Bring that to boil n add the jaggery
  • Add Elachi pwd and switch off
  • Take another bowl and cut all the fruits and add the boiled oats on top of the fruits
  • Add honey on top of that
  • It can be served hot or chill
Desi Style Oats :

Recipe :
Bring ur Sambar to boil n add the oats to that and boil it for another 5min
Add dash of salt and serve hot.

Note:This same recipe can be done with rasam n tamota dal(add some water water to dal)
Variation in milk oats Recipe:
Add Some Jaggery or honey insted of sugar.
For extra taste roast some dryfruits in ghee and add to that
U kids will love this and a quick,easy n healthy snack for Super mom's


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this is definetely worth a try! looks yum tooo