Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Ugadi!!!

Wishes to all you over there!!!! Ugadi is a telugu new year celebrated every year, First day of chaitra masam we believe  as a new year started. We celebrate this day by making a mixture consists of 6 tastes called Ugadi Pachadi and Special dishes. We share this special dishes and happiness to all people around :) For greeting on this special day, I have picked a special flower why I call I special flower is in our childhood days every house used to have this plant. At that time we used to feel it as a familiar bloom, never took a while to cherish its beautiful colors and texture when they used to hung around the garden in home. Now I feel like I miss this lovely bloom, when I look at that flower I feel home somehow. So captured my handmade Hibiscus and wishing u all to welcome to NEW YEAR with this native greetings from me!!!