Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where is the Party 2 Night!!!!!

Typically Nights are dim,dull,dusky,dark..But 2day it's a different story This Night Whole Sphere is aroused,folks ready for the wing-ding!!!!Play a loud tune on a paper horn,Blow up a wish for newyear
in a bright balloon and Whisper dreams to the midnight moon. Welcome New born year !!!!When the fiery sun turns into misty night every house glows with happiness,joy rules the air of this night!!Wish the Night should be so Longgggg.When the clock ticks to 12 happiness controls the hour n everybody wishes turns in to flowers!!!In this Cold weatherevery body recieves warm wishes and joyfull parties.Rock ur Lastnight for the year 2011 keep the ball rolling for 2012!!!!