Monday, December 12, 2011

Lable Ur Kitchen

Did u add sugar instead of salt in the curry or viceversa...Most of the time we single out to have a similar jars for storing our kitchen items in column...Women are very inexact about coordinating the things ;)If it's ur hubby turn for cooking labeling ur spice jars will help you eat and relish tasty food..
In Indian aromas there are many spieces,flours and dals which looks similar in texture it is bit difficult to find out what is what for beginners in the kitchen,i still have the confusion.When we are speed in action,when kids bother u while cooking or some sudden guest are in digging up the correct thing is really annoying at times.

Solution no 1 is i picked up marker to lable my jars it's easy but marker doesn't work well for longer time if it is permanent marker if u want to reuse the jar to store for some thing else it's very bothersome job to wipe it out..

Then solution number 2 in a piece of paper marked down the name and sticked it to the jar with glue..later i came to know that it's not a good idea for long lasting..

Solution no 3 is bit variation from no2 soultion
  • Take piece of paper with the help of scissor cut in to rectangle or square shape
  • Measure the paper and cut the cello tape(transperent) bit extra than paper
  • Place the paper on flat surface and stick this cellotape the name should be shown up
  • Attach the cello tape to the jar
The pic below makes u understand well..

Closer look of the lable write down the name in Bold then it looks appealing more...
Look at the lable if corn starch paper should be in the middle of the tape then that would be easy to stick at both the ends..

Hope u liked my super simple lables..I'd Like to see u in comments :)


Nisha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

yah thz really ths post...

Richa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

it is totally necessary when my husband has to cook..:) he gets totally confused. so it is definitely a must.. and sometimes the expiration dates too need to be on the label.. coz some masalas sit at the back forever!