Friday, December 2, 2011

Vegetable flowers

Spiffy Bouquet's distinctly adds elegance to any corner of the place where they are arranged.I have a very special love on Posy,bouquets,wreaths,garlands which are unique,if i wanna present a bouquet or posy defenitely my choice will not be a regular flower bouquet..If u want a fresh and contemporary ambiance to ur palce  then 4 sure ur chocie should be a bouquet that may be a cookie,candy,fruit,vegetable or a blend of ur choice.. I always explore different kinds of bouquets and will attempt to make some which turns out extra vagant,recently in my trip to california a lovely vegetable flower bouquet catch sight of my eye..As Wintertide is close-by only thing is save this project for the summer,but wanna share the pic for the guys who live in a nice warm temperatures and have a beautifull patio with gorgeous gardens..
 These are a superb decoration clings to ur patio specialy when some guest come in for a outdoor setting parties :).Try these elegant hangings or bouquets wat ever for ur outdoor christmas party this year they stay fresh for many days and when they are cling up in line they would be just awesome..
So Enjoy ur weekend folks...


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Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!