Friday, December 9, 2011

Black & White Passion

Bountiful people love the Old n Classic movies,music,lyrics...When it comes to fashion the olden styles are bouncing back and these black and white style is not my cup of tea :) but this is not the same case when it comes to photography.Eternally capturing or editing B&W is my fav delight.There is some earmark charm in such pictures.Old n classic trend is been influenced these visual art field,the allure in B&W pics is glorious.Not every single shot can't be edited to B&W there should be spl charm lied in the click i don't miss even a single chance for such photo.I would like to share some of my Old n Classic collections

These Strong wall makes me think back about the ancient forts

Even the sun seems to be like a moon through these black bushes...

Look at the rust covered Door Number

Remebers me about Old Classic Rain songs ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed my classic collection clicks..See u back in the comments...Have a gr8 weekend by watching ur fav old and classic movies.


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Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely b/w work!