Thursday, December 1, 2011

Driving Is a Cakewalk

Many experienced drivers tells that driving in USA is like a Cakewalk :) but that wouldn't be so easy 
 when we will be in the driver's seat for the first time some fear will be haunting as we need to take care of many things like traffic,signals,rules,lane changing,speed limits uffffff multi tasking jobbbbbbbbb....That too if u are practicing before dawn the pressure will be high.After few hours of practice we will be able to control the steering and excited to drive more n more on a no curve ways..when it comes to the junctions,traffic signals pile of confusions fuss our mind whether we should stop or proceed...we can come out of these puzzles by reading the book provided by DMV still the book knowledge will not give a enough confidence so here i am attaching some video link regarding the rules of road for the student drivers..

Written Test
Are u gonna attempt a written test here are few tips concentrate on the signs and the chapter regarding alcohal most of the questions will be regarding the signs of the road,that doesn't mean rest all are ingnorable u should read the book thoroughly..The questions changes from state to state so better be prepared for the test so well ;)

Road Test

If u are ready for the Drive test then hop on to this link this would audiblely helpfull from avoiding the mistakes..u can follow the next series of videos appeared in the side bar..So come on now clear all the doudts annoying you regarding the rules and mistakes to avoid,last but not least Drive Safely...
Hope these link are helpfull :)

Note:This videos are helpfull only for the drivers in USA...